How About Collins Overseeing Mets’ Minor League System?

GM Sandy Alderson said Terry Collins is best suited to work in player development. If that is the case, and Alderson is telling the truth that he believes Collins has a lot to offer and he wants to continue working with him, then there is one role for him, and that is to oversee the minor league system with the goal of implementing a “Mets Way.’’

Both Alderson and Collins suggested a need for such a program in recent weeks. Collins did in a roundabout way several weeks ago when commenting about Amed Rosario’s habit of tapping his glove with the ball before throwing to first. That habit cost the Mets a game and Collins wondered why it wasn’t addressed in Las Vegas.

Alderson more conceded the need for such an instructor when he noted several of the Mets’ rookies came to New York with a multitude of bad habits.

Rosario’s habit and Dominic Smith’s brain cramps are just two of the most prevalent. There are others, beginning with pitchers’ inability to throw strikes, and including hitters’ plate discipline, atrocious base running and defensive fundamentals, such as hitting the cutoff man.

Situational hitting and improving on-base percentage also must be improved.

The idea is to teach, beginning with the rookie leagues the same things are expected from the major leaguers.

That way there are no surprises.

However, for this to work Alderson must first implement organizational philosophies on offense and pitching. The pitchers have to be taught to throw inside, the way Rafael Montero was when he was on his hot streak.

Too many of the Mets’ hitters are preoccupied with hitting home runs. Sure, home runs are great, but consider this, the Mets tied Milwaukee for the NL lead with 224 homers, but neither are in the playoffs.

One thought on “How About Collins Overseeing Mets’ Minor League System?

  1. I am not sure what the Mets way means

    Does it mean not playing defense? Not hustling

    Not understanding the strike zone? Striking out all the time? Thinking only home runs count? Not running the bases?

    These are all traits that players who were developed in the system or acquired have

    Yoenis is famous for not hustling or even caring at times.

    Jose was picked off second because he was looking at the ground as he walked back to second picking his nose and he was not benched or immediately taken out of the game. He spent most of the season hitting below 200 and playing a very mediocre ss while we had a much better defensive ss in AAA ready to come up who had a scalding bat.

    Etc etc

    Honestly I have no idea what sandy values in a player other than a pitcher throws 95+ or a hitter has the potential to hit 30 hr.

    In preseason there was speculation that many players would be placed in center field because presumably they can hit.