No Meaningful Change With Alderson In Charge

Another day, another article in The New York Post about who might manage the Mets next season. There’s a growing list of candidates now up to five whom might replace Terry Collins next year. So far, The Post is reporting the candidates are Robin Ventura, Alex Cora, current hitting coach Kevin Long, Bob Geren and Chip Hale.

ALDERSON: No meaningful change with him in control. (AP)

ALDERSON: No meaningful change with him in control. (AP)

The report says GM Sandy Alderson could make the decision to replace Collins on Monday. If Collins falls on his sword and says he’s retiring, it would save the Mets from the awkward position of having to announce the second-winningest manager in franchise history is being fired.

It would be just like Collins to be the good soldier and spare Fred Wilpon and Alderson that embarrassment. Personally, if I’m Collins, after Sunday’s game I would say I want to continue managing the Mets. Yes, put the onus on Alderson, who has gone out of his way to undermine and humiliate Collins.

Yes, Collins should make it hard on Alderson, who, in his autobiography went out of his way to criticize his manager, who has been nothing if not loyal.

The frequent criticism of Collins has been his game management, which includes the use of the bullpen, something Alderson hasn’t improved since he was hired after the 2010 season.

Game management has to include an explanation, and the most prevalent are Collins’ options on his roster.

It really doesn’t matter who is hired to manage the Mets in 2018 and beyond, because no effective change can be made in the club’s direction as long as Alderson remains general manager, because under him are the decisions on how much to spend and on what players.

We must always remember Alderson wasn’t hired to build the Mets into a contender, but to cut payroll and save the Wilpons money. He did that this season when he gutted the team in July and August, essentially leaving them to rebuild this winter.

Alderson bullied Collins on not only building the 25-man roster, but in constructing the batting order.

Alderson is big on analytics, which means he doesn’t respect old school thinking, for example, the need for speed and defense. Alderson’s tact is contradictory, for example, he places an emphasis on on-base percentage but devalues hitters taking walks.

There’s nothing wrong with some of the new-age statistics, but not at the total expense of the old-world numbers.

It is interesting to read about the Mets’ managerial candidates and wonder how the team will play next season, but you must remember there will be no meaningful change until Alderson is replaced, and Fred Wilpon won’t make that move.

4 thoughts on “No Meaningful Change With Alderson In Charge

  1. Those who fail to learn from history are doom to make the same mistakes. The game of baseball has passed Alderson’s limited baseball iq. As long as he is the GM, the Mets will continue to draft only pitchers who will then need TJS and be years away from helping.
    He will sign the Colon’s and expect them to pitch like an ace. He will continue to build a slow team full of lead gloves and expect it to win with a limited and controlled manager.

  2. John, you spelled Wilpon wrong.

    Nothing will change if ownership does not.
    The problem with the Mets is not that they’re overly reliant on ‘new-age statistics’ and analytics, it’s that they’re actually behind the 8-ball on the modern day analytics necessary to run a successful club, especially one who continually tries to do it on the cheap.

    Take a look at other Front Offices across the league. The more successful ones are spending on better nutrition up and down their organization, better training, communication, and all things medical (take the Nats, for instance). They’ve got departments scouring the latest and greatest data and are very adept at it translating down to the coaches and the players on the field. Their FO’s are more robust than the Mets. The Mets lose 1 or 2 top guys over the past few years and are not replacing them with like talent.

    They need to realize this is no longer the turn of the century or even 2005. When your RF (Bruce) has to approach the one and only stat guy to get data after the 2016 dealing with why he struggled, there’s something radically wrong. This should be information that’s routinely being put together and passed down. But when you have 1 intern doing all that work, what can we expect?

    The Wilpons just do not get the concept of ‘If you build it, they will come.’ From their own words, the team has to support itself and if the fans won’t support it, the payroll will be reflected accordingly.
    Exactly opposite of Ricketts in Chicago who bought the team, hired the best GM his money could buy, stole the best manager he could get and stepped back. Because ‘I don’t know anything about building a successful baseball team. That’s why I hired the best.’
    In Mets land, we’ve got meddling Jeff written all over everything.

    You can complain about the FO, but most of us Mets fans know the problem starts at the top.

    • You’ve got that right. For the Mets to win consistently we need new owners.

      Any chance of 5hat happening?

      Sandy has don the job he was hired to do which is to cut payroll.

      The only time he invested in the team was when we were knocking on the door and he got a few players mid season including yoenis.

      We almost won but ran into a tough team in the end.

      Of course he goes out and spends a few million on washed up has beens. He has promoted and developed some good pitchers which end up injured.

      Now we have amed and smith that he developed and nurtured. We also have Gavin who may be a good utility infielder or even a starter at second. We also have Nimmo who can play outfield

      But we have two young players who hopefully help us next year with amed being the only true star. We are waiting on dom to prove he can have an impact.

      We may pick up some retred veteran to play 3rd rather than get one of the handful of legit third basemen. We will also pick up some arm for the pen and hope Familia plus the new guy will be enough for the pen.

      Will we compete next year? Perhaps if everything falls into place we might make the post season but we have n real hope for the World Series because the owners don’t really care and never have

  3. Listen, clearly the injuries devasted the Mets chances of any real run at a world series but Sandy Alderson injured this team almost as much!! From turning his back on Terry Collins and the bullpen, to refusing to call up Rosario and Smith to his now infamous salary and player dump. Now we’re finding out just how bad it was between Terry and Sandy and that it took Pop’s Wilpons to save Terry’s job. No doubt Terry lost the clubhouse this year but Sandy abandoned him when this team still had a chance. Ask the nats, Dodgers and Yankees about navigating injuries this season. How many teams stayed relevant in the wild card chase right up to this weekend with sub .500 clubs!! The Mets had enough talent to get by – and Sandy could’ve helped out by scouring the scrap heap for arms that may have helped. Or maybe not but at least try!! Instead he was setting himself up for the August fire sale!! Even players are starting to come out and talk about the dysfunction this year. I blame sandy. Where was he when the team and manager needed him??