What Should Be Alderson’s 2017 Regrets

“I always think of things I could have done differently.’’ – Mets GM Sandy Alderson, Today at Citi Field

Yeah, me too, Sandy. There are plenty of things I wish you had done differently when it came to building the 2017 New York Mets.

ALDERSON: Regrets for 2017. (AP)

ALDERSON: Regrets for 2017. (AP)

The following decisions are what I wish Alderson had done differently:

Extending Yoenis Cespedes’ contract.

I didn’t like it then and after how this season unfolded, I certainly don’t like it now. I wrote at the time I thought it was a mistake based on: 1) the $110 million earmarked for Cespedes over four years would be better spent on other areas considering all their holes; 2) Cespedes’ injury history, including last season with the Mets; 3) his history of failing to hustle, which has hurt them on multiple occasions this season.

Failure to be patient with Matt Harvey.

When Harvey’s velocity was down during spring training, pitching coach Dan Warthen said based on his thoracic surgery, he wouldn’t be full strength until the end of May. So, instead of Harvey starting the season on the disabled list, his return was pushed and he was reinjured.

Letting Noah Syndergaard call his MRI shots.

Arguably the season’s dumbest quote belonged to Alderson when his response to why he didn’t force Syndergaard to undergo an MRI, he said he couldn’t force him into the tube. Well, he should have prevented Syndergaard from pitching until he took the MRI. Syndergaard made his next start, partially tore his right lat and spent the next four months on the DL The season was effectively over that day when Syndergaard was injured. Now, he’ll start Saturday and pitch one inning.

Failure to construct a quality bullpen.

Alderson has failed to build a bullpen every offseason since he was hired and last winter was no different.

Trading Jay Bruce.

Alderson said he expects the Mets to be competitive next summer, but if that’s to be the case, it stands to reason they’ll need a left-handed bat with power. In addition to Bruce, Alderson traded Curtis Granderson, Neil Walker, Lucas Duda and Addison Reed for a handful of middling relief prospects. It remains to be seen if any of them will be around next season.

Keeping Amed Rosario and Dominic Smith in the minors.

The season was already lost, but Rosario and Smith languished in Las Vegas. Why? The moment Duda was traded Smith should have been brought up. Ditto Rosario when Asdrubal Cabrera was injured. Just not a smart move by whom Alderson’s biographer calls the game’s smartest GM.


4 thoughts on “What Should Be Alderson’s 2017 Regrets

  1. I agree with every point you make! But my top four starts with letting Bruce go. He would’ve been a real nice piece to have for next year powerbhitter, run producer and team leader!!. Next is the bullpen. Sandy let that faulter way too early in the season thinking it would eventually work itself out. An effort early to fix it could have turned things around and the season could have turned out differently. Sandy did nothing but rely on the same lousy arms in the Queens and Vegas without trying to do anything – something to pull in a couple of different arms in trades or from scouring the minors. That was unforgivable because it destroyed morale so fast when night after night the offense would give leads, come back from deficits, only to be heartbroken when there was a call to the bullpen. The players and fans all saw it coming except Sandy who sat by and watched it never lifting a finger. Many other clubs experienced bullpen problems this year but other GM’S got creative – there weren’t too many saviors available – but there were arms to find better than Salas, Ramirez, Smoker, Robles, etc.
    And now that we can look back what did he accomplish by holding back Rosario and Smith?? Nothing! There was only an upside but Sandy kept making the excuse tat when he finally called them up he wanted them to stay. How would that have changed? Finally, the Cespedes signing was only bound to bear sour fruit. MLB exec’s all agree that what we got this year is what we should expect more of moving forward. A lazy, coddled primmadonna that will spend too much time on the DL. Sandy failed miserably this year and he can’t blame it all on injuries. Terry Collins and we fans deserved better.

  2. Hey get a second or third baseman,let Flores and Cabrera battle for the other spot, and cross your fingers that Cespedes AND Conforto come back strong. Then sign a decent second tier starter to go with Thor and deGrom, and find two starters from Matz,Wheeler,Lugo,Gsellman and Montero. Uh, things don’t look too rosy.

  3. I think signing yoenis was a good move. Yes he doesn’t hustle and his defense is suspect, but his bat is special and I will eat his faults for his bat.

    I wish they had extended jay. In his time this year he showed to be the type of player we need. A good hitter who hustles all the time. A good role model for the young guys.

    Dom/amed – they kept them down too long.

    Pen – I think the pen was ok overall, I think the problem is the starters. They can’t pitch as starters ( into the 7th) and so you wear them out

    Injuries – we don’t train or maintain our players properly. I don’t see the rash of injuries we have over the years as part of the game.

    $$ – sandy has already said the payroll is too high. So Bruce is gone. And the other marginal players were traded off. I would have hoped the other veteran middle infielders could have been moved. I think our internal options are better and they don’t fill the holes we need to fill.