Montero Falters Again

There was a stretch in August when Rafael Montero was one of the few Mets worth watching and it looked as if he was pitching for a 2018 rotation spot. However, September brought us back to the old Montero.

Montero struggled again in today’s 9-2 loss in Miami, and with it he’s been off in three of his last four starts.

Perhaps August earned Montero an opportunity to compete next spring, but if his final starts this season continue like his most recent, then he’ll have a short leash.

Montero isn’t challenging hitters on the inner half of the plate as he did in August, and more importantly he’s not limiting the damage and putting away innings.

Today he left after four innings, giving up five runs on seven hits boosting his ERA to 6.16 for this month.
The Montero we saw in August was worth watching. Today’s Montero, not so much.

3 thoughts on “Montero Falters Again

  1. I can’t hear anymore about how Montero earned his way back into contending for a rotation spot in 2018 because of a handful few decent starts. He stinks – plain and simple! He’s got some decent stuff but he’s proven too inconsistent for this level. Let some other young pitcher prove he wants the job. He’s had his opportunities and blew every one!! It seems like Sandy has more questions than answers these last few months regarding all these late summer tryouts! Very few have really stepped up to prove they belong. Other than Rosario, smith and nimmo, no one has impressed. Cabrera and Reyes are battling for which infield veteran to hang on to. Plawecki is apparently threatening D’arnaud’s job except that both are terrible. Legares still can’t hit and the bullpen has several new arms that only time will tell if they’re any good or not.