How Can You Not Be Happy For Bruce?

I channel surfed during Mets-Cubs last night to Indians-Royals. I love that history is being made in Cleveland, my hometown, and was especially happy to see Jay Bruce drove in the game-winner. After what he went through last season, and how he rebounded this year, how can you not cheer for a guy like that?

BRUCE: Happy for him. (AP)

                        BRUCE: Happy for him. (AP)

Meanwhile, the Mets remain rudderless, with no viable veteran presence.

Unless the money is so overwhelming, why would Bruce want to come back to the Mets? Seriously, if I’m Bruce, I know I already have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life. If the Indians make a viable offer, I’d stay in Cleveland rather than come back to the toxic atmosphere permeating around the Mets.

We can assume manager Terry Collins won’t be coming back, and with him will likely go the coaching staff. What will be constant is probably GM Sandy Alderson and his penny-pinching ways.

We can assume Michael Conforto won’t be ready for Opening Day, and possibly the same applies to Yoenis Cespedes. Alderson is already on record saying don’t expect an increase in salary, so Bruce would probably get a low-ball offer, and if he’s crazy enough to take it, he won’t be getting much help.

Why would he put himself through that again?

Alderson says he expects the Mets to compete next season, predicated of course, on their young pitching. But, Jacob deGrom is the ace, but with only 14 wins. Matt Harveys rehab is three starts – one good; two bad – and after losing to the Cubs Wednesday he said there’s been nothing positive. It sounds like he defeated mentally.

As far as Noah Syndergaard is concerned, I’m happy he’s dating a supermodel, but his rehab has stalled. He’s playing catch now, but nobody can say for sure when he’ll get in a game. So, like Harvey, Syndergaard is a question. So are Zack Wheeler and Steven Matz. Seth Lugo, hammered last night and Robert Gsellman, torched in the series opener, regressed to where they’ll go into spring training with no defined roles.

Catcher, the entire infield save shortstop, and at least one outfield position are up for grabs next season. So, I ask you, unless Alderson blows him away with an offer – and we know that won’t happen – why would Bruce even think of coming back here?


6 thoughts on “How Can You Not Be Happy For Bruce?

  1. Bruce? If he comes back Conforto is the CF. He’s a corner OFer. How many FA signings work? Many don’t even pay off the first season let alone the last two. Unless the FA market works like last year a signing of Bruce is questionable. If last seasons trend continues a 3 year contract at 50 million might work. Rather see a healthy Cespedes, Conforto and a good CFer (maybe Lagares?).

  2. I like Bruce. He is pretty steady and adequate defender and he brings a leadership personality to a team. I think the Indians are 31-5 since he was traded to them. Not too shabby. What are the Mets since he left? Seems like 5-31. Obviously the talent management and situations are different.

    Confirto wont be ready opening day. So that’s a hole. That opens the door for Bruce IMHO. Otherwise I agree it wouldn’t make sense. But this team rarely makes sense anyway.

    The Mets have a lot of work to do. Rather than worry about Bruce, they need a real 3b, c, cf, two dependable starters, and two good bull pen arms.

    In the meantime I’ll root for the Indians and Bruce to win the World Series.

  3. Interesting on how after a disastrous start with Atlanta that led him being released, Bartolo Colon has turned into a serviceable back-of-the-rotation with the Twins. 4-4 with a 4.69 era, although his last start was a disaster. Big Sexy is pitching tonight. His 24 starts are more than any Mets pitcher except DeGrom. Clearly the Mets need to sign him as conditioning coach.
    Rosario and Smith are giving us some hope. But then back in 1975 so did Mike Vail.

  4. Bruce is a solid, steady and productive guy the Mets should have made every effort to keep. Now he’s gone and no way does he want to come back to the Queens.
    This team has so many holes it will be too much for Sandy to try and plug in this short off season. He’ll certainly put too much stock into these September tryouts and will think guys who are feasting on lousy September pitching or pitchers having success against lousy September hitters will make an impact next year. For example, Plawecki. Nice September, but he’s had numerous chances to produce in the past and is not MLB talent. D’arnaud has been such a dissapointment that it has helped Plawecki and his cause. Other than Rosario, no one else should be guaranteed a starting job from this late summer rable. Not even Smith yet. Sandy is gonna rely on the pitching to finally get healthy and the rest to over achieve in 2018. Not gonna happen without filling some holes with proven MLB talent.