Wright Facing One More Surgery

It isn’t as if David Wright has many other options. At 34, and having played in just 75 since 2015, the Mets’ team captain will undergo right rotator cuff surgery Tuesday in a last-ditch effort to save his career.

“They just thought this was the only thing they needed to get done, to take care of, so he could get back on the field and continue the process of trying to get back,’’ manager Terry Collins said prior to today’s game against the Phillies.

Then, Collins added what was on everybody’s mind associated with the Mets: “It’s really tough to watch.’’

It is because Wright’s heart is still in his comeback; he’s not ready to call it a career.

Wright has three seasons and $47-million remaining on his contract, but insurance will cover much of his salary.

The odds are getting longer Wright will ever play again. But, based on what he’s meant to the Mets, he deserves the opportunity to get one more chance.

6 thoughts on “Wright Facing One More Surgery

  1. I don’t understand Terry’s statement regarding David Wright. What does that mean? No one is asking why it took this long to diagnosis this problem? The guy couldn’t throw back in spring training. No one thought it may be his rotator cuff back then? It’s only a common injury and would make sense if he’s having difficulty throwing. Something isn’t right here again. I’m not really into all this Mets injury conspiracy nonsense but something isn’t adding up here. David needs to retire. He hasn’t played any significant time in 3 years. He deserves better but it’s time he just let’s it go.

  2. David is done.

    We know that.

    I get he is the captain and all

    But he was done before neck surgery

  3. Hmmm,Harvey going on short rest? Mets in a battle for high draft pick. That old pitch them till they drop philosophy still works.

    • Yeah I don’t get it.

      I guess the thinking is run him out there and let him suck

      He should be in the minors until he is healthy and figures it out.

      Maybe we should trade him now while others think there is hope.

  4. Are the Mets still paying David Wright? Who pays for the operation? Is insurance covering his salary? Are they kidding talking about his future with the team?