Rosario Out With Bruised Finger; Collins Offers No Details

Amed Rosario is the latest Met to go down, sustaining a bruised right index finger in today’s loss in Houston. Of course, you wouldn’t know that by listening to manager Terry Collins.

He revealed nothing today. He said Rosario hurt his finger, but wouldn’t say how it happened, or when, or what finger it was. He wouldn’t even say what hand was injured.

He’s the manager and doesn’t know any of that information. How can that be? It’s because Collins was following the orders from GM Sandy Alderson, who wants none of that pertinent information known as if the news wouldn’t be found out regardless.

Rosario said through an interpreter that he injured his finger batting in the second game of Saturday’s day-night doubleheader. Evidently, Alderson’s gag order on injuries didn’t reach that far.

Then again, it was pretty difficult to ignore Wilmer Flores’ shattered nose suffered Saturday. The Mets are hopeful Flores can return Tuesday.

5 thoughts on “Rosario Out With Bruised Finger; Collins Offers No Details

  1. Just when you think this team can’t get any lower then just hang on another day! The only thing, I hope, that comes from from the last 2 months of the season is that Sandy can figure out who he DOESN’T want to keep for 2018.
    As for David Wright – you mean to tell me with all the rehabbing and all the tests we just figured out he’s got something wrong with his shoulder. Maybe this surgery could’ve taken place a few months back and David might have been finally somewhat ready for spring 2018. What’s next with him – stubbed toe, hang nail, bad haircut? No one is a bigger fan than I, and i cant believe I’m saying this, but it’s time for David to retire!

  2. Make a trade for a second baseman, maybe Gordon, the Philly guy Herrera,Dozier,Forsyth, Walker there’s a lot of them and let Wilmer play third.

  3. Terry Collins has announced that Matt Harvey will start Wednesday’s game against the Phutile Phillies on three days rest. Yeah, startng a game who is recovering from an injury on less rest than usual, after he labored with 70 pitches in 2 innings…what could go wrong?? Unless the Mets want him injured to make non tendering him an easier pill for fans to swallow.