Familia, Smith Lone Bright Spots In Rout

There aren’t many positives the Mets can find in a ten-run loss, but here goes: 1) Jeurys Familia was strong in his second game coming off the disabled list, and 2) struggling rookie Dominic Smith drove in two runs on a pair of hits.

FLEXEN: Apologizes for gesture> (AP)

FLEXEN: Apologizes for gesture> (AP)

Hey, I told you there wasn’t much to shout about.

Familia was the most important development with three strikeouts in 1.2 innings. Familia threw 27 pitches, many of them in the mid-to-high 90s.

Regarding next year, should Familia return healthy and Jerry Blevins is brought back, and AJ Ramos and the Mets have potentially a solid back end of the bullpen.

As far as Smith goes, he’ll get his hits. What I’m looking from him this early in his career is to not try to pull everything and to be patient at the plate.

Smith is hitting .183, but with a .206 on-base percentage, marked by only two walks over 80 at-bats.

C’MON REYES, PLAY SMART: The Mets trailed by four runs in the seventh inning and Jose Reyes was on first. So, what did he do?

He was thrown out trying to steal second.

Seriously, Jose? If you’re trying to be a mentor for Amed Rosario, don’t play like you’re brain dead.

ACCOUNTABILILTY: Mets starter Chris Flexen apologized to manager Terry Collins and Reyes after the game for when he threw up his arms after Billy Hamilton’s fly ball over Reyes’ head in the second.

“You can’ do that,’’ Flexen said.

5 thoughts on “Familia, Smith Lone Bright Spots In Rout

  1. Why is Jose playing?

    He sucks. He is washed up

    Why is he playing the outfield?

    Do we not have any young guys we want to evaluate for next year?

    • Oh and for the record Jose is brain dead. He always was. Why should he change now?

      We want him to mentor amed to be the same lackadaisical, don’t care player he was.

  2. At least Wilmer is getting his shot,finally. Why not play Lagares every day,sink or swim. Guy can play the position and if he can hit a little (250 or so) he can be a plus player on a team based on pitching.

    • Yup
      But won’t happen
      He doesn’t hit 20+ hr so we will get a guy who can’t field in some dream world can hit 20 hr and hits 200

      We will pay this person $5-10 m