No Surprise, Matz To Have Season-Ending Elbow Surgery

As much as Steven Matz and the Mets tried to convince us to the contrary, the team finally admitted something was wrong with the left-hander’s arm and placed him on the disabled list with surgery expected to follow.

MATZ: Done for year. (AP)

MATZ: Done for year. (AP)

It only took eight lousy starts to convince GM Sandy Alderson to finally seek the exam that revealed a ulnar nerve condition that if it doesn’t respond to a cortisone injection and more than two weeks of rest, will have season-ending surgery.

Matz’s condition is similar to Jacob deGrom’s last year, but we all know people respond differently from surgery, so it is only a guess he’ll be ready for spring training.

“I think it’s something [Matz] has had to deal with and we felt this was the best time to address it,’’ manager Terry Collins said. “I am sure some of the issues have kept him from being the pitcher we know he can be.’’

Translated, Collins’ quote tells us: 1) this has been bothering Matz for a long time, and 2) don’t believe it when Mets’ management, or their pitchers, say there’s nothing wrong.

Since July 9, Matz is 0-6 with a 10.19 ERA, numbers to be expected considering opponents are hitting .385 against him with seven homers. Matz, 2-7 with a 6.08 ERA overall, joins Noah Syndergaard, Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler and Seth Lugo on the disabled list.

“There’s no guarantees, especially with young, power pitching, that you are going to say these guys are all going to be healthy throughout the season,’’ Collins said. “We came into this season saying we were prepared for it, because we had seven guys. Five of them went down. I just think you need to keep as much pitching around as you possibly can because you never know when you are going to need it.’’

EXTRA INNINGS: Robert Gsellman was superb in his second start since coming off the disabled list, giving up one run on five hits in 6.1 innings. … Matt Harvey gave up two runs in three innings for Double-A Binghamton in his second rehab start. … Jeurys Familia is scheduled to make consecutive appearances Tuesday and Wednesday, and barring complications could be activated this weekend when the Mets are in Washington. … Yoenis Cespedes has ten RBI in his last 11 games.


14 thoughts on “No Surprise, Matz To Have Season-Ending Elbow Surgery

  1. As Mets fans we’ve become so accustomed to this nonsense that nothing resonates with us. This would never be accepted in the Bronx or any top notch club. And all we can do is sit back and accept our fate with Sandy and the Wilpons. We deserve better. Watching essentially spring training games in august is disgusting. All the guys Sandy ditched are doing well for their new teams. With all those players this club should have been respectable but Sandy allowed the downfall – almost invited it – once he saw they didn’t have a real run at the division and the wildcard would be a pot shot gamble. So instead of at least trying to find a new group of relievers he let that pathetic group of arms go out every night and destroy any chance of holding a lead and losing a potential win. Just think of all the blown leads. We lost at least 10 games, if not many more, by July because of that group. Funny, but many of the contenders were able to plug holes, tweak and find new arms for their struggling pens! Sandy just gave up and plotted his salary dump so he can try and impress the Wilpons that he’s a financial wiz and still prove to the baseball world that his GM style is still the way to go! Ok, Sandy, you win. You’re a genius!!

    • The salary dump has netted 5-6 hard throwing reliever candidates… The team had zero chance to make the post season, so why pay an extra $20-25m to continuing losing… There was not going to be a glorious return of Thor Harvey and Wheeler to lead a big second half surge… They get to see if there are any signs of hope for good things to come from Nimmo and Juan…. If they are able to bring Bruce back (if he really did enjoy it here) … then at least there will be a second dependable power bat, assuming the $100m man can stay on the field next year.

      • Dylan. Do you really think hard throwing middling minor league relief pitchers are a haul? Why don’t you Che k the minors. There are literally hundreds of these clones who have no idea how to pitch but we’re trained to throw as hard as possible until they need TJ. That wasn’t a haul. It was a failed gm who has seen the game pass his ideas by.

        • no i dont think it was a haul… i was highly disappointed about the return for jay bruce… i have posted 3-4 times, where in the fk will we get 30 HR’s / 100 rbi replaced…. who is going to send us such a player, making “just” $13.0m …. chances are we would have to send two or three of our top prospects…. i dont really buy the excuse that everybody is hitting 30 hrs. now, that seems like a real convenient explanation….

    • I recently read an article that looked at what sandy has done for us. It was a glass half full one where they did not talk about the improved farm system or the fact that we had back t back playoff seasons.

      That said they mentioned his number 1 picks have been mostly a bust: Nimmo, Cecchini, Dunn, etc

      We do have smith though and that is something. Also the trades, we got wheeler who hasn’t really pitched for us, Thor who as good as he is has a 500 record, Travis who has been a bust, most glaring thing is our injuries. This year our entire staff save jake is injured. Our position players always get injured. We had a player get hurt runnng to first.

      I am glad sandy moved us from the dark ages of Omar, but now may be the time to get a gm who can build on the pitching we have and bring in good defensive players who know how to use a bat not just hit it over the wall. Having a homer happy team has not won us much. Look at this year. Watching amed play in the few short weeks he has been here shows the team the value of a good glove on the team. Watching him play reminds me what a good defensive player can do for a team. Remember 2 years ago when we had to suffer watching Wilmer butcher shortstop and then listen to the commentators try and tell us he wasn’t that bad? Or this year when we watch Jose who is washed up play and think wow he is better thank the other guy?

      Or how about the assortment of hacks who were planted at first with no clue, vs a first baseman who knows how to field the position? How many outs were turned into hits this year?

      • The dark ages of Omar. Really Dave. Who do you think is mostly responsible for Alderson’ WS appearance? Who got Har ey,deGrom,, Matz Murphy, Duda, sect etc etc. how much of that team was Alderson’s. Very little

        • Old harry

          If you remember Omar

          Which of his can’t miss highly touted prospects amounted to anything?

          There was mileage who wanted to be a dj and did zero.

          There was the other guy, forgot his name who was the 5 tool can’t miss player who sandy promptly released.

          Yes. These guys on the roster may have been signed by Omar but he and his stupid luitenant had no idea how to build a team or develop players.

          One of the foundational things sandy did was to turn our minor leagues from laughingstock to useful.

          Tell me what pitcher Omar developed? Was it Ollie? The one we signed and almost gave a boatload of money to on renewal for a journeyman 10 year vet who had one decent year? Which position player did Omar provide us? Please let me know.

          • As for sandy

            He pushed our best hitter away because he thought he didn’t have power – dan the man

            He cut a useful utility guy who promptly became an all star – turner.

            His eye for talent and potential is not very good. However he does know how to put in place a system to develop players and promote them.

          • Well Dave if you don’t want to give Omar credit for drafting Or signing Harvey deGrom Matz Familia then I guess he didn’t develop any pitchers. And I guess Duda having 30 HR seasons means he didn’t sign any hitters either. And how about some superstar named Murphy that your Sandy had no use for. And who brought in Turner only to have Sandy non tender him because he wanted to have fun. Yeah Omar sucked and Sandy is great. Those what 5 losing seasons out of eight prove he is a genius just like he says he is.

            • I don’t like Duda
              Decent enough first baseman, has 30 hr potential
              Hits for low avg, high strikeout, generally a rally killer and just is not an impact bat.

              These other players right or wrong did not get developed by Omar.

              Perhaps you missed the point. During Omar’s tenure the minors never helped us, all his highly touted players were busts, our minors were bare because of him and the system pretty much stunk.

              I will repeat, sandy fixed some things namely built a d3cent minor league syst3m that actually helps the majors, cut payroll to keep uncle Freddy happy, but doesn’t particularly draft well, doesn’t construct solid teams – no bench, weak pen – and seems to be a bad evaluator of talent ; see all the horrible free agent signings, tendaency to value power bat over everything else, gratuitously cutting Turner who the very next year was an impact player and turned his back on Murphy who carried us in the post season and has been one of the premier bats in the majors since leaving.

    • Lippa isn’t the same guy who just weeks ago claimed there were only 2 guys earning their pay. Now he is crying because they are gone. Which one is it great whiner. There are so many things to blast Alderson about you could keep your story traight and whine just as much

      • Please clarify old Harry. I’ve been very consistent on blasting Alderson all season. Not sure what you mean by the 2 guys earning their pay reference? You are right about one thing, Harry, I’m doing a whole lot of whining about Sandy. Perhaps you can enlighten me as to the benefits Mr. Alderson has brought to the team this year? You clearly are a fan of minor league baseball.