Granderson Trade Officially Closes Mets’ Window

The Mets’ Great Salary Dump of 2017 continued today when the Mets traded Curtis Granderson to the Los Angeles Dodgers for a player to be named later or cash. Dealing Granderson marked the symbolic closing of the Mets’ window of contention.

The Mets signed Granderson to a four-year, $60-million contract in 2013, and with their young pitching, they promised to be a contender. It wouldn’t be until 2015 that they overachieved and not only reached the playoffs but made it to the World Series.

GRANDERSON: Trade closes Mets window. (AP)

GRANDERSON: Trade closes Mets window. (AP)

They lost in the wild-card game last year but were heavy favorites to return to October – with many thinking the World Series – this season.

I ask: If injuries were the number one cause of the failure this season, doesn’t it stand to reason that with a little tweaking added to the present core, then how far off could the Mets be for 2018? That’s with, or without, David Wright.

That GM Sandy Alderson would cast off so many of the Mets’ veteran assets is only indicative how poorly he constructed this team. Granderson, combined with Jay Bruce, Lucas Duda, Neil Walker, Addison Reed, and soon to be Rene Rivera, adds up to six future free agents after this season.

It stands to reason Alderson wouldn’t bring back all of them. But, to not bring back any of them is simply poor management.

You don’t construct your roster to have eight expiring contracts – don’t forget Jose Reyes and Asdrubal Cabrera – at the same time. That’s 33 percent of your roster. And, coupled with casting off Justin Turner and Daniel Murphy, and that’s just a terrible job by the man whose biographer refers to him as the game’s smartest general manager.

Maybe you don’t keep them all, but if you’re telling the public your goal is to compete, you try to keep the core together. Of all the remnants the Mets received in return, only AJ Ramos – projected in a set-up reliever role – figure to make the 2018 roster.

Turner, for spiteful reasons, brought nothing from the Dodgers. He’s an All-Star who could win the NL batting title this year. Murphy, of course, walked because they wouldn’t spend the money.

Hell, that’s the case with all of them.

The Mets threw good money after bad with trading for and extending Walker when they could have kept Murphy.

Duda, well he was only keeping the seat warm for Dominic Smith. Reed could have been extended when Jeurys Familia was first suspended, then injured. Bruce was signed as a hedge in case the Mets didn’t re-sign Yoenis Cespedes, who, so far, has turned out to be a bust.

Cespedes has been a health and hustling concern each of the past two years. Having Bruce’s 29 homers would be needed next season.

And, still, Alderson tells us he expects the Mets to compete next year. That is, if the three of the core rotation that is on the disabled list return healthy next year, and a fourth – Steven Matz – rights himself.

Ex-Mets Granderson and Turner could meet ex-Met Murphy or ex-Met Rivera, who was claimed on waivers by the Cubs, in the NLCS for the right to possibly meet ex-Mets Bruce or Reed in the World Series.

As it is now, the Mets have only Jacob deGrom from that vaunted rotation. What can you count on from Noah Syndergaard, Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler and Matz? Remember, that rotation has yet to pitch in turn since 2013.

Their best player is Michael Conforto, but they don’t have a set position for him. Smith and Amed Rosario are promising questions. They refuse to play Wilmer Flores full time and Wright can’t be counted on.

The bullpen outside of Jerry Blevins is awful. Do you really trust Ramos and Familia? Don’t tell me you trust Hansel Robles.

I think Rosario could be a star, but as with what happened with Conforto, there could be growing pains. I like Smith, but he needs to get into shape. How will Rosario and Smith fare in a full major league schedule?

So, in looking at the Mets’ current roster, I only trust Conforto, deGrom and Blevins. Everybody else is a question or a black hole.

We know the Mets won’t be big spenders this winter as all their money is tied up wet-nursing Cespedes. There won’t be big-name help coming in from the outside. So, you’re delusional if you think they really would go after Manny Machado or Evan Longoria.

The Mets window to compete opened when they signed Granderson. It officially closed today.

5 thoughts on “Granderson Trade Officially Closes Mets’ Window

  1. Having 6 FA isn’t terrible. They actually timed things pretty well with having some highly touted young players ready to take over for some of the FA. Coming into the season Conforto wasn’t a starter….but he certainly is a great replacement for one of the vacated OF spots. Rosario basically replaces the spot vacated by Walker (with others moving around the infield to cover 2b), and Smith replaces Duda (this might be the spot with the big downgrade – Duda was underrated).

    There’s an awful lot of crying about the Mets not giving young players enough of a chance, well now they’ll get more of chance. The aforementioned big 3 as well as lesser guys like Nimmo, Lagares, Plawecki. And using Conforto not having a “set position” against them is a bit silly IMO. His ability to play multiple OF positions is a good thing and helps keep their options open as to how to fill other spot.

    As for Reed/Ramos….yes Reed was good here and Ramos probably won’t be as good. But Reed wasn’t exactly considered great at the time he was acquired by the Mets either….and he probably wasn’t going to be great for years and years anyway.

    And if they really want to bring one of these guys back next year, they still can sign them on the FA market. I actually think the bigger problem with the Mets is who they haven’t traded. Aside from the pitching injuries, Cabrera and Reyes were two of the biggest problems with the team this year. I certainly hope the Mets don’t rely on them next year too

    • Duda was a decent first baseman, he had power but a terrible bat. Not sad to see smith replace him

  2. Bruce is the only one who should have been brought back. Reed was good but somebody, Rangers?,Angels? will give him closer money. Walker is on the backside of a solid career and injury prone. GRanderson is getting older and should play LF so his defense doesn’t negate his average only offense. Smith replaces Duda. When do they dump Cabrera?

  3. Bruce was the sign the season is over. You trade your best bat for nothing yells to everyone we are done.

    Now to cast off the old middle infielders to let younger better players actually see the field

  4. I agree with John here. This is a “tear down, salary dump, maybe we can win on the cheap with youth” move engineered by Sandy with the Wilpons blessing! This team had talent and still should have competed despite the injuries. Look at the Nat’s for goodness sake!! They have been decimated but their depth and small, effective moves have kept them a top tier club. Despite the injuries to the starting pitching it was the bullpen that did this team in and broke the spirit of this club when they were still trying to hang on. Sandy sat by and did NOTHING! He forced Salas, Ramirez, Robles and company on Terry until it finally took its toll. Maybe there weren’t many outside or in house options but he needed to at least try. After all, optics are everything to Mr. Alderson, right? Sure many of these free agents would of walked but Bruce should’ve been begged to stay. And for those of you fans that got your wish to see what the likes of Flores, Plawecki and Legares can do with all this playing time, well, have fun with that! Last night’s win over the Marlins must have you feeling great about 2018.