Conforto Sits Tonight; Lineup Against Marlins

Every star has them, even blooming ones and Michael Conforto is no exception. After hitting three homers last weekend in Philadelphia, Conforto went 2-for-15 with five strikeouts in the four games against the Yankees.

“I definitely was excited for it. I don’t know if that played a part in [my struggles],’’ Conforto told reporters after Thursday night’s 7-5 loss to the Yankees.

“I took some tough at-bats. They pitched me well, they did some things to keep me off balance. But I wouldn’t chalk it up to anything more than that. It was a tough series for me at the plate, but I don’t think I was pressing or anything like that.’’

Such a slump merits a night off, and Conforto is out of the lineup for tonight’s game against Miami. Here’s the lineup:

Juan Lagares – CF

Asdrubal Cabrera – 2B

Yoenis Cespedes – LF

Wilmer Flores – 1B

Travis d’Arnaud – C

Amed Rosario – SS

Matt Reynolds – 3B

Brandon Nimmo – RF

Chris Flexen – RHP

6 thoughts on “Conforto Sits Tonight; Lineup Against Marlins

  1. The Terry Collins era gave us two straight winning seasons.
    The Willie Randolph era gave us five
    Bobby Valentine era gave us five
    Davey Johnson/Bud Harrelson gave us seven
    Gil Hodges/Yogi Berra gave us five.

    I am not confident about the next few years. Maybe DeGrom, Harvey, Syndergard, Metz will be healthy but that is asking a lot. Thete are a couple good young players like Rosario and Conforto but lots of teams have several good young players and the farm system isn’t strong now.

    Farewell Grandy man. Can’t say I wish the Dodgers luck (hard to think of any NL team I wish luck to, maybe a team like the Brewers who have never won a title) but in your case I’ll be happy if you win it all.

  2. Delcos. You still around still knocking everything ? Who is worse. Omar or the Ivy guy?

  3. It’s officially Spring in New York despite the calender saying its actually the dog days of summer. I mean, of course, the team the Mets will field for the next 6 weeks is a spring training club chock full of youngsters getting an early start on trying to earn a job or attach some worth to their career before opening day 2018. As a fan I can’t bear to watch Kevin Plawecki get another shot to show he can be a MLB catcher. He’s not!! Cechinni, Reynolds, Flexin, and the rest inspire zero confidence or interest. Sure one day one or two may develop into a good MLB player but this fan base deserves better and we were supposed to win this year and not have to wait for the entire farm system mature all at once. We’re already betting the ranch on Rosario and Smith. That big grin on Sandy’s face tells me he’s not pulling out his check book either this off season and spend on free agents. Of course he’ll pick up players, but you know by now he only shops at the Thrift Store and picks up what he can find at the scrap heap. What scares me too is how this will affect a guy like Cespedes. He thrives in the spotlight and when this team was getting headlines. I can see him just showing up to collect his paycheck while giving us a solid dose of 80%. This is what we get Mets fans… the dynasty that was supposed to be has crumbled before our eyes.

    • Sandy already admitted in an interview it’s all about the money

      The salary dump was just that.

      Don’t try and get players with upside just worry about cutting 10 large from the payroll