What’s Wrong With Matz?

Steven Matz insists he’s fine, but a lot of Mets pitchers have said the same thing. Maybe he’s not feeling that biting pain in his elbow or ache in his shoulder, but something isn’t right.

Recovering from surgery, and he’s had several, there could be a dead arm period. If so, he’s either denying it, hiding it or foolishly attempting to pitch through it. Each of those decisions is bad.

Seven poor starts in a row for five straight losses in the decisions column say either something is wrong with his arm or he’s not the pitcher the Mets envision him to be.

If the Yankees light him up tonight, which is a highly likely scenario considering opponents are hitting .386 against him at Citi Field, which translates into a 9.33 ERA, then maybe the Mets would be wise to give him an MRI and rest him for a start or two.

What would it hurt?

2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Matz?

  1. And he got off to another horrible start last night against the Yankees and buried them early. Something is either bothering him or he’s failing miserably. We know he can pitch when his head is screwed on right so let’s hope it’s a minor injury he’s trying to pitch through. I question his mental fortitude for this market. I’d consider trading this guy for a decent prospect but unfortunately he’d probably prosper in a city like San Diego or Cincinnati.