Today’s Question: Why Not Try Harvey As Reliever?

Matt Harvey passed his audition for Single-A Brooklyn in his first rehab start, working one inning for the Cyclones. Undecided is where he’ll throw next.

Here’s an idea: Since the second rehab won’t be longer than two innings, why not have him pitch in the majors out of the bullpen?

HARVEY: Why not the pen? (AP)

HARVEY: Why not the pen? (AP)

Of course, he wants to start, but with the Mets’ bullpen simply awful – I can’t bear to watch Hansel Robles anymore – give Harvey a couple of innings out of the pen.

It could work if Harvey was told in advance what day he’ll pitch. That way:

He could keep his between starts routine and avoid the up-and-down regime of a reliever because knowing when he’ll pitch in a game he can warm up at his own pace.

Besides, he might like it, and if successful, this could lengthen his career. Dave Righetti, Dennis Eckersley and all made the transition, and the latter two ended up in the Hall of Fame.

Harvey’s career to date has been injury filled and disappointing. This could be a revival for him.

The season is lost anyway, so why not try it? It wouldn’t hurt. It is out-of-the-box thinking, and isn’t that what progressive organizations do?


One thought on “Today’s Question: Why Not Try Harvey As Reliever?

  1. I love the idea of Harvey moving to the pen and the Mets shouldn’t have to beg him to make the move. I’m sure he’ll want to give it one more try but I’m going out on a limb and thinking he’ll be only slightly better then before he left the starting rotation. But maybe it would be enough to reinvent himself in the pen and extend his fading career and who knows maybe he’ll actually be good at it. Jason Isringhausen went to the pen and it gave him a second chance after being taut ed along with Paul Wilson and Bill Pulsipher as a star rotation. That failed miserably as well. Mets need to tell Harvey what the team needs and he should comply for his own sake!