Rosario, Smith Give Mets Glimpse Of Future

The Mets got a glimpse of their future tonight and had to like what they saw.

On a night when Dominic Smith made his major league debut, wearing the crown was Amed Rosario, who ripped three hits, including his first career homer, a game winner.

ROSARIO: Hits game-winner. (AP)

ROSARIO: Hits game-winner. (AP)

Oh, by the way, Michael Conforto hit another home run.

Rosario, who has been a major leaguer for all of 11 days, sounded like a veteran when talking about his breakout game.

“Even though I’ve had a couple of bad days lately,’’ Rosario said through an interpreter, “this helped my confidence.’’

Rosario has been a bundle of energy since his long-awaited promotion from Triple-A Las Vegas. His defense, hustle and speed have been a spark.

You don’t hear this often from a rookie with less than two weeks into his career, but Rosario said he was concerned about his slow start at the plate, in particular, his high strikeout rate. So, he has been working with hitting coach Kevin Long on trying to shorten his swing to cut down on his swing and using all parts of the field.

It worked tonight.

“He’s still very aggressive,’’ manager Terry Collins said, indicating a slow start didn’t intimidate him. “He’s played great. He listens. He’s going to be good.’’

And, he believes the same thing for Smith, who struck out on three pitches in his first at-bat, then singled to center in his second. That’s learning.

“He was nervous. It was quite easy to see,’’ Collins said. “But, he’ll be like Rosario and will calm down.’’

The Mets will still be defined by their young pitching. Jacob deGrom was superb on Thursday, but took a line drive off his pitching arm in the seventh inning and had to leave the game. He’s still expected to pitch Tuesday night at Yankee Stadium.

Matt Harvey is on the disabled list, but is about to start his rehab assignment. Noah Syndergaard is also on the disabled list, as is Zack Wheeler. The Mets hope they will all return in the season’s final six weeks so they know where they stand heading into the offseason.

Then, there is Saturday’s starter, Steven Matz who has been in a downfall funk over the past month. The Mets hope to find some answers about him, also.

All of them, save deGrom, have significant questions, as do Smith and Rosario, but all have very high ceilings if they are healthy.

Then, there is All-Star Conforto, who hit his 25th homer, while batting clean-up, while playing center. Where he plays and hits in the order could change, but he has star written all over him.

So do the others.

5 thoughts on “Rosario, Smith Give Mets Glimpse Of Future

  1. The kids should have been brought up six weeks ago. Another arrogant Sandy blunder. Sandy wanted to ensure that when they were called up they’d stay? That’s hog wash cause everyone knows you wouldn’t send with back to triple A in September when your expanding the rosters. Sandy is all about his concern over his foolish optics. Well Mets fans have seen through his bad decision making process on just about everything this season. Btw, Fernando Salas was a Met’s for way too long. But some contender will take a chance on him and he’ll be a post season hero somewhere!

  2. I don’t see the point in blaming the lost season on the GM. The team got zip-nada-jack, whatever term you want to use, from the wannabe Batman, Thor, Matz, and Yoenis. Those guys plus Jake are/were the absolute core of the team. Add in Jeurys who i forgot about, but his position of these key six roles was the most replaceable…..
    – After those key guys, next important ones were Bruce, Conforto and either Asdrubal or Duda.. The 2nd tier guys mostly delivered, despite Asi & LuDu being injured…Had Duda not been hurt and had (if) his production level reached Bruce’s level, maybe the team could have won a few more games… Wilmer should be a 2nd tier guy, just wasn’t given a chance due to his lack of a real position… TdA has not gotten there yet – injuries strike again… walker could be a 2nd tier guy. Another injury vicitim…. There’s no way NW is worth $17m even if he avoids the once a month murphy base running or fielding blunder that so many people thought were the cause for the team coming up short….
    .no team can expect to lose 80% of its starting rotation plus it’s key offensive power source and still hang in there… Dedicating 20% of payroll to one guy who has had one great season is risky, especially when the guy had his share of red flags (per scouts)…
    so once again we hope to figure out who the 2b & 3b will be …… if the team brings up DW’s name again, that will be a real sign of having no other plan or idea… i would think wilmer gets a shot hopefully at 3b and with asdrubel and 2b and TJR a super sub. hope one of nimmo/juan develop and produce…
    Trade market made no sense this year… if bruce and duda only net 30th round picks, do all the other guys net bat boys, clubhouse attendants and hot dog vendors….

  3. Heyman is reporting we are getting a bag of two dozen batting practice balls and six used batting practice gloves… another great deal.