Montero’s Spot In Rotation Not Secure

It is all about pitching for the New York Mets. It is why this season went down the toilet a couple of months ago, and it is why they lost today and why Rafael Montero might not be long for the rotation.

MONTERO: Not getting it done. (AP)

MONTERO: Not getting it done. (AP)

Montero left today’s 5-1 loss to Texas for a pinch-hitter in the third inning after giving up four runs on five hits and three walks, with two of his 87 pitches hitting batters. After Montero fell to 1-8 with a 6.06 ERA, manager Terry Collins was understandably asked whether he would stay in the rotation.

“That’s something that will have to be discussed in the next couple of days,’’ Collins said. “If we don’t [find somebody better] he’ll go back out there.’’

Montero walked three of the eight batters Mets’ pitching issued free passes to. The staff has walked 398 batters, fourth worst in the National League and sixth overall (3.5 per game).

Eighty-seven pitches in three innings meant Montero was working deep into counts to numerous hitters.

“It’s a tough league to pitch in when you get three balls on a hitter,’’ Collins said. “We have not walked people like this in the past. You can’t keep putting runners on base. On this level, you have to throws strikes when you need to. He has got good enough stuff to go after guys.’’



6 thoughts on “Montero’s Spot In Rotation Not Secure

  1. Damn – best we can get for a dependable and relatively lowe priced (30-35/100) guy is a pitching prospect….

    For those who say, what else do you want, I want to know where the power will come from next year…. For those who say this is fine, please name one single (30/35, 100) that we can try and obtain next year for a pitching prospect… just one guy who you can count on putting up 30 hr’s and 100 rbi’s in exchange for chris flexen…

    I know nothing about this prospect, other than a comment at another site calling him a reliever… If he was an org’s top ten prospect, you would think ok, but if he is in the 25-30 range….wow that is not much.. We have had several of those types reach Queens and then in and of itself is an accomplishment. Plenty of top ten guys may not reach the majors… Hopefully this guy pans out …. Bruce has much more of a track record than LuDu, return is the same?

    to me For CG, it would have been more acceptable…

    • oops, correction, from the Mets website, the prospect is not even ranked in Cleveland’s top 30…. he was the 902 overall pick in 2016…. what a fine return…
      a 30th rounder….
      we gave up what we considered to be a high end power hitting 2b, and a much better P prospect to obtain JB….

    • Once again, Dave we got the short end of the stick. We lose a really good.player and like you said who do you find to replace those numbers in the off season??

    • The comments I saw was he had a live arm

      But I agree. Would rather keep Bruce than get this for a legit hitter.

  2. Ok, so how sick is everybody hearing Terry find the silly silver lining in every Montero start – and the other stinko pitchers on this staff. Listen Terry, he’s shot – he’s just plain LOUSY!! Here’s an exaggerated example of one of his typical comments to sugarcoat the truth….”Yeah, so Montero had no command today, he was essentially throwing batting practice and he was God awful for the 1 and 2/3 innings he barely got through throwing 98 pitches along the way. But you gotta give him tons of credit with the way he battled back after the other team batted around three times in that first inning, scoring 15 runs on 18 hits, 8 walks and 4 balks. Me and Dan Warthen were overjoyed when he got one batter to actually swing and miss at one of his pitches. I thought that was real gutsy and feel it’s something solid to build on. Sometimes one pitch can turn someones career around. I’m sure Sandy will only agree and we’ll run him back out there in 5 days cause we certainly feel he’s turned a corner and should be the pitcher we hoped he’ll be any day now.”
    (Alright, alright, it’s a real bad joke but Montero ‘ s been a real bad joke all season long!)

  3. Montero is done.

    We are waiting for our boys to return

    But we don’t have many pitchers left in the system