First Impressions On Rosario After First Week

Amed Rosario has been a Met for a week. It’s premature to draw any conclusions, but it isn’t too soon to have some first impressions.

First of all, I like how this guy always hustles, especially coming out of the box. I wish Yoenis Cespedes hustled as much. I hope it’s a quality he never loses.

ROSARIO: Rough first week at plate. (AP)

ROSARIO: Rough first week at plate. (AP)

Secondly, how can you not love his range and throwing arm. That spells defense, something the Mets need to place a higher priority on for 2018.

However, as Rosario seems joined at the hip with Jose Reyes, here’s hoping he doesn’t learn some things from his mentor offensively, namely his plate discipline.

Rosario began his major league career with a four-game hitting streak – including two triples – and after six games he’s gone 4-for-22 for a .182 average. That wouldn’t be so bad, but where I hope he doesn’t take after Reyes is in the areas of on-base percentage and strikeouts-to-walks ratio.

For all his speed, Reyes has never had a great on-base percentage; it’s .284 this year and .336 for his career. Rosario’s on-base at Las Vegas was a very good .367, but he won’t replicate that on the major league level unless he employs better plate discipline. Reyes has always struck out too much, and that’s what we’re seeing so far from Rosario, who has ten strikeouts in 22 at-bats.

That’s way too many as he’s proven to be vulnerable to sliders and curveballs low-and-away.

As I said, it has only been six games, way too early to make any definitive conclusions, but just something to look at as this season progresses.

5 thoughts on “First Impressions On Rosario After First Week

  1. I think his K rate is alarming. And being attached to Reyes’ personality, which is over the top, is undesirable in a rookie. I don’t appreciate his acting unconcerned and smiling w. Reyes after he make an out espec when K-ing.

    • RonSwob: He’s striking out nearly half the time. You would think just by accident he’d make better contact. Yeah, smiling after striking out aren’t good optics.-JD

  2. Reyes may not have walked a lot but he doesn’t strike out either. Never did. First impressions – only a week- but Rosario looks much more undisciplined then Reyes ever was.
    Reyes has one of the lowest strike out rates in MLB the last 14 years.

  3. It’s such a small sample size but I don’t like the strike outs. I’m sure he’ll improve as he gets more comfortable at this level. However, Conforto still strikes out far too much as well. It used to be essential for a big league hitter to NOT strike out but that’s changed in today’s game for some odd reason. Put the ball in play and good things can happen. Conforto can improve from star to superstar if he cut back on the K’s. He leaves too many men on base or fails to move runners over in critical situations. I hope Rosario isn’t taught that it’s ok to whiff a bit more in an effort to maintain discipline and keep from chasing ball outside of the wheelhouse. Very strange!