Reed Waiting For Phone To Ring

This has to be an excruciatingly frustrating time for Mets closer Addison Reed. He’s a Met today, but could be a Dodger, or a Brewer, or a Diamondback, or on a half-dozen other teams tomorrow or Monday.

The Mets’ acquisition of A.J. Ramos from Miami on Friday, practically assures they will deal Reed by Monday’s deadline. If they don’t, he’ll be a free agent this winter because there’s no way the Mets will bring him back – at over $7 million – and Ramos – at over $6 million – to work out of the same bullpen with Jeurys Familia (over $7 million).

Those three, along with Jerry Blevins, would give the Mets a formidable bullpen, but we know they won’t spend that kind of money. So, Reed just bides his time waiting for his cell phone to ring.

What the Mets hope to do is swap Reed for a couple of prospects to make up for the two minor leaguers they traded to Miami for Ramos, just to get an extra year of reliever coverage for $1 million cheaper.

“As far as I know, I’m still here,’’ Reed told reporters in Seattle. “So, I’m going to keep pitching. Whenever the phone rings and they call my name, I’m going to be ready to go.’’

With Ramos expected to join the Mets in time for Sunday’s game, you can count on Reed not pitching Sunday as to not risk injury which would short-circuit any deal.

In replacing Familia, Reed has been superb this season with 19 saves in 21 opportunities with a 2.57 ERA.

One thought on “Reed Waiting For Phone To Ring

  1. Shame the Mets are so bloody cheap cause if they could sign Reed they’d be set up nicely for 2018. Especially with all these rotation arms that can barely go 5 and 6 innings. If they did very little other than promote Rosario and Smith the real gamble next year would be on that oft injured rotation full of under achievers! An outfield of Cespedes, Conforto and Bruce with Legares and Nimmo isn’t so bad. Keep Walker and let Cabrera play third with TJ and Flores your utility guys and your offense isn’t worse than this season which was far from unproductive. Pick up a bullpen piece here or there and keep this lineup healthy and maybe it’s what 2017 was supposed to be!!