Mets Wrap: Back In Sell Mode?

Had the Mets won six out of every ten games all year, this might have turned out to be an enjoyable, if not a memorable season. It remains to be seen – although it is unlikely – if going 6-4 on this homestand will be enough to change GM Sandy Alderson’s definition of “exceedingly well.’’

MONTERO: Coming together for him? (AP)

MONTERO: Coming together for him? (AP)

That’s the rate Alderson said the Mets had to play at in their homestand coming out of the All-Star break to shift out of sell mode.

Manager Terry Collins believes Alderson has already made up his mind.

“I can tell you that’s the belief in the clubhouse, but I don’t know if that’s the feeling from the outside,’’ Collins said, while not naming Alderson. “Going 6-4 might not be good enough. Eight and two would be good enough.’’

Once again, the Mets failed to complete a sweep on a home Sunday, losing 3-2 today, as Oakland won on the strength of three solo homers. The Mets remain the major’s only team not to win a three-game home series. They begin a 10-game trip tomorrow to San Diego, Seattle and Colorado that will take them through the non-waiver trade deadline.

The Mets regrouped in each of the last two seasons to reach the playoffs. Their odds are longer this year.

“Next week will be hard,’’ Collins said. “Again, I will do the best I can to keep their mind on the game. …

“I’ve pushed and pushed and pushed to let them know, you gotta go play. If you’re building up your hopes that maybe you’re gonna get traded to a first-place club or something, they’ve got to realize that stuff’s completely out of their control, and a lot of things can change at the last minute.’’

Jay Bruce knows what Collins is talking about. He lived through it last year before Cincinnati traded him to the Mets.

“Obviously, the fact that this could be the last home game for a lot of us here is something that’s a bit odd, but nothing happens until it happens and we don’t know for sure and we’ll just see how it goes,’’ Bruce said. “We don’t need to be reminded [about what Alderson said]. We know what situation we are in.’’

Bruce is one of several Mets whose next trip to Citi Field will be that as a visitor. Asdrubal Cabrera, Addison Reed, Lucas Duda, Curtis Granderson and Jose Reyes are some of the others.

MONTERO PITCHES WELL: The Mets would take three runs in seven innings every time from Rafael Montero.

“He did a nice job again today,’’ Collins said. “We didn’t have many opportunities, but he gave us every chance to get back and win the game.’’

The only trouble is Montero gave up three of his five homers this year today. Two came on hanging sliders.

“I think I need to keep the ball a little bit lower,’’ Montero said. “That’s really where I got into some trouble and there was damage done against me. Those home runs, when they occurred, that’s because I kept the ball too high.’’

Montero has worked into the sixth inning or later in his last four starts. The Mets might not reach the playoffs this year, but they might have found another starter.

CESPEDES’ WOES CONTINUE: Yoenis Cespedes, who went 0-for-5 Saturday, did not start, but flied out as a pinch-hitter in the ninth.

Since June 24, Cespedes has two doubles, no homers and just three RBI.

He hasn’t homered in 80 at-bats.

UP NEXT: Jacob deGrom (11-3, 3.37) has won seven straight starts. He has a 1.51 ERA in that span with 50 strikeouts and ten walks. LHP Clayton Richard (5-10, 5.35) will start for San Diego.

5 thoughts on “Mets Wrap: Back In Sell Mode?

  1. John, Mets were never out of sell mode. The Mets have actually fell further out of the second wild card since the All-Star break and now are 11 game out of second wild card. They were 9 1/2 games at all-star break. Thats after going 6-4 since the break. You have to be honest and do self reflection of what type of team you are. Arguably, if Mets won two more games it would not make any difference. Mets would have to go out and add at the deadline because bullpen needs arms if they though they had a chance It did not work. Regroup, get players healthy and get young guys up and get them at bats. Every move should be made to prepare for 2018

  2. Glen: You’re right, of course. They could have gone 10-0 and still would sell. Foolishly, I was reacting to Collins’ comments to the obvious question. So, what would you do with 2018 in mind?-JD

  3. I think they should keep Bruce.
    He doesn’t get hurt. He is a legit bat with power and seems to do ok in ny.

    They are weak in the OF.

    We have yoenis who is always hurt
    We have comforto who seems to be over his sophomore jinx
    We have Juan who is always hurt and has not proven he can hit
    And then Bruce if we keep him.

    Grandy is gone.

    We need another legit bat in the outfield because of depth issues and injury concerns. If we trade him for a AA player we still need to get an OF next year and considering the type of garbage the GM usually gets Bruce is by far the better option.

    The other guys gotta go. Cabrera is done, Jose was done a long time ago, Luke can’t hit. Reed would be nice to retain as if we have hopes over the next few years we need a reliable arm in the pen besides familia, but the talk is he has the most value to get talent.

    With those guys gone we can bring smith and Ahmed up and see what Wilmer , tj, Gavin can do.

    Also walker needs to go. He is always injured.

    • Dave: Agree with you on Bruce. If the Mets believe they will contend next year won’t they need power from the left side? The same applies to Reed. Lucas Duda is expendable as are Reyes and Cabrera.-JD

  4. Sandy will NOT get back equal value for Bruce so he needs to sign him. There is no question the Mets need his lefty bat – not to mention his leadership and grit. Some pot luck Double-A prospect isn’t going to help next season. Also, it kinda stinks the Mets have to give up one of the better relievers in the game in Reed only to have to fill his role and find other relievers for next year? Just doesn’t make sense and for some reason I see us coming out on the losing side of every deal San makes before the deadline. Most of the players have stunk, the manager has had a terrible year so it’s only fitting Sandy blows it too!!