Breakfast With The Mets

If we’re up early to watch the Mets, they damn well better be ready to play. And, Collins better be ready to manage his bullpen. … A lot of things have gone wrong for the Mets this season, and one of them is the pitching. Too many walks. Part of that has to be on Dan Warthen, who has been given a pass.

ALDERSON: Has done bad job. (AP)

ALDERSON: Has done bad job. (AP)

GM Sandy Alderson put together the bullpen on the cheap. The pitchers are coached by Warthen and Terry Collins decides when they go into the game. So far, it has been a trifecta of ineptitude. I understand injuries happen, but who decided to let Noah Syndergaard get muscle-bound and let him start without an MRI? That would be Alderson.

After Warthen said Matt Harvey would be full strength until late May/early June, who put him on the Opening Day roster when he should have stayed back for extended spring training? Why, that would be Alderson, too.

While we’re at it, who let Justin Turner and Daniel Murphy walk? Right again. That’s Sandy Alderson.

And who, as Kevin Kernan of the Post recently wrote, passed on drafting Corey Seager and Cody Bellinger? Hmm, could it possibly be Alderson? Right again.

If you think I’m too hard on Alderson, this is just the beginning.

Happy July 4th all. Enjoy the day with your friends and families, and the Mets if you want some agita.


One thought on “Breakfast With The Mets

  1. It’s about time all three take the blasting they deserve. From the top down… Alderson is a smug, know it all that thinks he’s always the smartest baseball man in the room. That bullpen he stitched together is a joke. Not one should be on a major league roster. Collins is done. They aren’t responding to his coaching type personality. Last year he pushed all the right buttons but this year he’s pushed all the wrong ones. As for Warthen, he ruined this rotation. Plain and simple. Is that too harsh? Hardly, his babying turned that staff soft. He doesn’t teach these guys to attack hitters and allows them to walk too many hitters. I really think despite all the injuries this team would have responded better if Terry and Warthen were booted back in may. Too late now and so the sell off begins which is what Sandy was really hoping for. Except he’s no Cashman and he’ll get nothing in return for letting a lot of these guys go. Watch very carefully what we get in return for Jay, Grandy, and the others. More Travis d’Arnaud ‘ s and guys very much like Salas, Ramirez, Smoker, etc. Talk about karma and Daniel Murphy?? Btw, Fulmer is an all-star! His handling of David Wright… even the Cespedes signing is starting to look a little like it’s going to be reflective of his pitching staff full of aces with Yo spending more time on the bench then in the line up. Sandy had the foundation for a good run but his arrogance did him in.