Don’t Read Too Much Into Giants’ Sweep

In most seasons, the Mets sweeping the Giants in San Francisco would be something to get excited about, but this isn’t most years. To emphasize how bad the Giants are this season, they were just swept by the Mets, and we know how bad they have been.

This weekend was just the Mets’ third series victory of the month, and they’ll need to reel off a dozen more in a row if they are to turn this season around.

The Mets’ next two series are against Miami and Philadelphia – they are 4-6 and 4-2 against, respectively – before back-to-back three-game series in Washington and St. Louis before the break.

The Marlins and Cardinals always play the Mets tough, and I’m certainly not counting on them beating the Nationals.

Against the three division leaders and the one wild-card team they have played, the Mets are 5-19. After the break until the trade deadline, the Mets have three games against what is now the second wild card – Colorado – four more against St. Louis, and four at San Diego and three at Seattle.

Daunting is an understatement, so I’m not reading too much into the Mets fun in the Bay Area.

One thought on “Don’t Read Too Much Into Giants’ Sweep

  1. This feel good weekend will all come crashing back to reality when the Mets get to Miami on Tuesday. Like John said, the Marlins and Cardinals torture the Mets and things will be no different this go round. Don’t think Philly won’t get into the act too. It would be great if the Mets could actually use this little streak as a springboard to play good baseball and at least make it interesting in the second half. No one is expecting them to make the post season but making a serious run and playing the way we all expected them to, even at this point, would still be fun to watch. It would certainly ease the pain as we think about 2018.