Today’s Question: Have You Given Up On Mets?

If you’re a true fan, you’ll keep watching the Mets. Like an accident on the highway, you can’t take your eyes off of them. Jerry Blevins walking in runs was a new one for me, or perhaps I missed it earlier.

After they were bludgeoned in the first three games of their series in Los Angeles, last night was a tease. For a moment I thought they might salvage a game against the Dodgers, who hit 15 homers in the series. Ten games below .500 make any kind of playoff push nearly impossible.

REYES: Time to say good bye. (AP)

REYES: Time to say good bye. (AP)

It’s almost incomprehensible to imagine that considering the expectations of March.

GM Sandy Alderson has two choices. One, keep plodding away like an old plow horse and operate under the illusion they are playing for something. Or, they could actually be playing for something, which is next year. ¬†Alderson already has a good idea of who will or won’t be back next year. Those he knows won’t be back, like Curtis Granderson – he’s finally hot, so whatever value he has left is at a premium now – and Asdrubal Cabrera, and Lucas Duda, and maybe Blevins and Addison Reed. Get what you can for them and let’s see what Amed Rosario and Dominic Smith and Brandon Nimmo can bring to the table.

Frankly, unless Rosario plays shortstop, I’m not interested in seeing Cabrera at second base. If anything, I’m tired of watching Jose Reyes and would rather see Wilmer Flores full time at second.

All experience is good, so give them the rest of the season. It won’t take away the disappointment of 2017, but perhaps it will take away the sour taste of this lost season.



3 thoughts on “Today’s Question: Have You Given Up On Mets?

  1. Yes, I’ve given up hope and have never been so disgusted by the play since they lost that 7 game lead with 17 to play to the Phillies. The only difference was that was just 17 games to endure. This has been almost an entire half season in which every week they reach new lows. There’s not a single player to root for. Nothing to watch that would offer any pleasure. They stink in every facet of the game! Let’s see Rosario. Let’s see Nimmo. I can live without cechinni and reynolds. The Mets have had too many players like them over the years – bench guys! This team is craving stars. Heck, where’s David Wright? At least he gave it 110% every night and lived to play the game! It’s time for Terry and Warthen to go. This team needs a jolt. A shock wave from top to bottom. This losing culture needs to be purged. It’s become a cancer that has metastasized.

  2. As soon as they get behind I turn them off.
    They are pathetic. The FO hasn’t responded at all.
    I want to see all the young guys, give me something to watch.