How Mets Derailed Harvey’s Comeback

Stuff happens, but why does it always seem to happen to the Mets? Let’s not disregard GM Sandy Alderson as a possible explanation. That’s certainly the case with Matt Harvey‘s recent trip to the disabled list for stress to his shoulder that is the cause for his tired arm.

ALDERSON: Bears responsibility for Harvey. (AP)

ALDERSON: Bears responsibility for Harvey. (AP)

When Harvey’s fastball barely touched 90 in spring training, pitching coach Dan Warthen said following thoracic outlet surgery one couldn’t expect him to be at full strength until the end of May. On March 15, I wrote if the Mets had the guts to leave Harvey off the Opening Day roster. They did not, of course, which isn’t surprising.

If Harvey wasn’t going to be full strength until May, then why was he on the Opening Day roster? Manager Terry Collins doesn’t make those decisions, Alderson does.

Perhaps there was a sense of urgency on Alderson’s part because neither Steven Matz nor Zack Wheeler were expected to be ready for the Opening Day roster. Even so, that’s not a good enough reason. Just because one player is injured and not ready it doesn’t give Alderson license to rush another player who isn’t ready.

Alderson had the authority to keep Harvey behind and chose not to. As far as Harvey goes, he’s staring at the end of his career and certainly wouldn’t rock the boat regarding his treatment.

The bottom line is that once again an issue involving Harvey was mishandled, but this time it was the Mets’ doing.




5 thoughts on “How Mets Derailed Harvey’s Comeback

  1. Are you the real Debbie Downer – so tired of your negative spin on everything Mets. We all know it’s tough being a Mets fan but we can always count on you to make it all more depressing ! Let’s hear some smack on the owners son that sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong compounding the terribleness.

  2. I agree

    Matt has been horrible

    It is better to go into the season knowing what you have than pretending.

    We have blown the pen because our starters struggle to go 5

  3. Thank God we didn’t sign him to an extension 2-3 seasons ago like many wanted. At least they were smart enough to not do that.

  4. I would have to agree with the way the Mets handle injuries. To me, they’re coming off as NE Patriot pretenders, in that they get super secretive about the 5 w’s for injuries. Problem, this isn’t football and you really don’t need to fake out the opposition when it comes to who is and who isn’t injured. This is baseball, and transparency seems to be a dirty word within the Mets organization.

  5. I agree with John. Sandy is at fault here. Matt was not even close to a return back in April and Sandy knew the rotation was thin so he pushed Harvey instead of keeping him back. Don’t be surprised if you’ve seen the last of Harvey for quite sometime. He’ll only return when the club is completely out of the race and Harvey can pitch with zero pressure to perform and any expectations from the Mets to compete for the postseason!.