Harvey Has Tired Arm

Mets manager Terry Collins turned to his pitching coach, Dan Warthen, in the third inning after a Matt Harvey pitch and asked, “What was that pitch?”

The radar gun read 89, and Warthen said he thought it was a slider, but wasn’t sure.

“Well, we better find out,” said Collins, who was concerned about his starter, who gave up back-to-back homers to Anthony Rizzo and Ian Happ to open the game.

Warthen reported back, telling Collins it was a fastball, but Harvey also told him his arm felt tired. Collins decided to give Harvey at least another inning, which could have proven costly after Kyle Schwarber’s monster homer over the Shea Bridge.

The amateur diagnosis is a fatigued arm, or dead arm, but the Mets will get something more official after he’s examined Thursday.

“It’s pretty tired,” Harvey said of his arm. “My arm wasn’t working at all. It’s frustrating to be taken out that early. It’s very difficult. There’s been a lot of discomfort. It’s been pretty hard on me physically.”

Harvey threw 104 pitches in five scoreless innings in his last start, but gave up four runs on three homers in four innings in tonight’s 9-4 victory over the Cubs.

Things haven’t been easy for Harvey this year following thoracic outlet surgery last year. Harvey used to be overpowering, averaging at least one strikeout an inning, but has only 54 in 70.1 innings this season. He’s also given up 67 hits and 35 walks for a lofty 1.45 WHIP, and 16 homers in 13 starts.

GRANDERSON HITS MILESTONE: If there is a positive about Yoenis Cespedes’ lingering leg issues since coming off the disabled list, it is giving Curtis Granderson more playing time. After battling back to tie the game at 4-4, Granderson hit the 300th homer of his career to jumpstart the Mets’ five-run eighth.

TODAY’S INJURY: Expect Neil Walker to go on the disabled list Thursday with a hamstring pull.




One thought on “Harvey Has Tired Arm

  1. I swear they make up these medical conditions just for the Mets sake. A stress injury in a bone in the right shoulder? Gimme a break. Just a bogus diagnosis in order to save some face for the pitcher formerly known as the Dark Knight! The real diagnosis is that he sucks. His season is over so instead of just shutting him down we look real hard to find something to give us all a reason to get him out of the rotation before he keeps embarassing himself and the organization. Sandy said it’s not a fracture but more than a bruise? Really, a fracture is a fracture and a bruise is a bruise, even if it’s a bad bruise. But two different things. How many pitchers have gone on the DL with that one this season. Baseball nerds and medical doctors feel free to jump in here? The good news here is that this doesn’t hurt the club one bit. May actually help cause we don’t have to coddle this guy and hold our breathe every fifth day.