Alderson Endorses Collins Before Strong Effort From Gsellman

Reportedly, Mets GM Sandy Alderson has been keeping a book on manager Terry Collins, which made today’s semi-endorsement somewhat surprising.

Speaking before the Mets’ 4-2 Memorial Day victory over Milwaukee, Alderson said: “I’m happy with the job Terry has done under the circumstances. Nobody is happy with the won-lost record. There are reasons for the record that have nothing to do with Terry.”

GSELLMAN:  Solid seven then to pen. (AP)

GSELLMAN: Solid seven then to pen. (AP)

Collins has gambled and lost a few times this season, but what has most hurt the Mets have been injuries to ace Noah Syndergaard and closer Jeurys Familia – neither is due back anytime soon – and their All-Star slugger Yoenis Cespedes, who is out for at least two weeks.

There have also been injuries to Travis d’Arnaud, Lucas Duda, Asdrubal Cabrera and David Wright, and pitchers Seth Lugo and Steven Matz.

This is something Alderson should have recognized and vocalized weeks ago.

Much of the criticism directed at Collins is for his bullpen usage, which today featured one inning each from Paul Sewald – who is rapidly become a Collins favorite – and Addison Reed, who earned his seventh save despite letting the first two batters reach in the ninth.

Today’s starter, Robert Gsellman, worked seven strong innings today and is expected to go back into the bullpen when Lugo and Matz – who will each get at least one more rehab start – are activated from the disabled list.

Ironically, Gsellman found his mechanics after he was moved to the pen several weeks ago. Gsellman is better suited for the pen than either Matz or Lugo, and for his money, he doesn’t mind going back.

“I don’t care,” Gsellman said. “I just want to pitch.”

5 thoughts on “Alderson Endorses Collins Before Strong Effort From Gsellman

  1. Terry is Terry and nothing will change his in-game strategy, which rarely helps to create runs. He will always favor vets over youth, and hitters over defenders. Could he manage a speed, defense and pitching roster. Probably not, but where does one exist today?

    Given the pending return of Matz and Lugo and some modicum of recent success by deGrom, Wheeler and Harvey, not to mention today’s effort by Gsellman, there could be a notable uptick in Mets pitching, especially with Seward and Gsellman fortifying a more rested bullpen. Hitters have been scoring runs, so maybe there is a good four-month run in these guys no matter who calls the shots.

    And who knows, if Harvey, Duda, Bruce and Walker put up some numbers, the Metsecutives can probably add several quality prospects by the end of July.

    • We have a guy named Amed in AAA who has hitting , defense and speed. But we won’t bring him up.

  2. Last year we saw Terry push all the right buttons but this year everyone he pushes blows up on him. It’s nice to see some decent outings from these starters but I don’t know how excited we should get over Matz and Lugo returnig. I have a strong feeling those very fragile arms may not last very long or be as effective as we need them to be. We’ve already suffered through early season rehab stints, if you will, with Harvey, Wheeler and even deGrom. Do we have another 2 months to allow these guys to get in back up to speed? Maybe if we get solid efforts moving forward from the top of the rotation and the lineup continues to score runs.

    • You have a point about their durability

      That was always the knock on Steve.

  3. It’s TC’s last year. He gets the full season after the successes in the last two seasons.