Today’s Question: What Version Will Mets Get From Harvey Today?

Today’s Question: Will the real Matt Harvey, or the version he claims to be step up?

Arizona was where it all began for Harvey, who struck out 11 Diamondbacks in his major league debut late in the lost season that was 2012. He had poise that day, an explosive fastball, and above all, devastating command.

HARVEY: Who is the real Harvey? (AP)

HARVEY: Who is the real Harvey? (AP)

The Mets crowed about what they had, and they had the right. Harvey finished the year at 3-5, but with a 2.73 ERA and 1.14 WHIP.

A few short months later, Harvey masked the pain in his right forearm, and when the injury was finally revealed, he, along with coaxing of ownership, let their future start in the All-Star Game.

He was brilliant that night in Citi Field, but a few weeks later the burning in his elbow needed to be cooled by Tommy John surgery. We can gloss over the pettiness in his sparring with management about whether to have surgery, went to have it, and where he should rehab.

He fought the Mets at every turn, and when he came back in 2015 he fought with them over his innings limit.

Then there was Game 5 of the World Series.

Now, Harvey goes to the mound with a 31-31 career record and more questions than answers. Harvey goes in with a three-game losing streak and suspension on his most recent resume.

“You get to the point where you don’t sit here and say, ‘I hope I get this’ and ‘I hope I get that,’ ” Mets manager Terry Collins said. “You just send him out there and you hope he’s getting back to what Matt Harvey is. That’s what I’m looking for: improvement. That’s it.”

What is the real Matt Harvey? Well, on-the-field he’s been underachieving with average numbers. Off-the-field he’s still caught up with an arrogant sense of entitlement whose act is wearing thin.

He received no public support from his teammates, which is rare in a baseball clubhouse. That’s partly because he’s done nothing lately to prove to his teammates he’s worth the trouble.

That’s the heart of the matter.


3 thoughts on “Today’s Question: What Version Will Mets Get From Harvey Today?

  1. 5 innings 3 runs. Nothing to get excited about but it is enough to get by

    Jose runs into an out because he is stupid. The play is in front of him and he has no clue.
    Will we bench him for being stupid? No of course not. We reward stupidity and wonder why we lose.

    This is on Terry.

    • There will be those who remember Jose as the player who made our offense go. But he is old and does not have the ability he used to have. He also retains all his faults. We cannot think back to last year when he surprised all of us and played above our expectations.

      We have to treat him as the player he is. A hitter who can’t break 200 and a veteran who in many ways has no clue. He still has some speed and his arm is still strong. But when he fucks up the manager needs to bench him immediately and replace him with a player who has his head in the game.

  2. We saw the same ineffective Harvey we’ve seen all year. Others will try and spin it as a positive move in the right direction. Really? He walks too many and doesn’t keep anyone off balance. Terry was scared to death to keep him in any longer and was looking for a small moral victory. That’s the problem here. This club is too worried about egos and small victories instead of the ones that count in the win column. Even Gsellman was terrible and Montero needs to be released. I don’t care how desperate they are for pitching he needs to go! So many broken things to fix but back to the main point – we got another glimpse of a very below average pitcher in Harvey. I think this is the kind of pitcher he’s going to be moving forward. It’s very hard to watch.