Today’s Question: Will Mets DL Cabrera And Bring Up Rosario?

Sometime today the Mets will make the inevitable decision to DL Asdrubal Cabrera – something they should have done a week ago – and decide if they should replace him with Amed Rosario, That’s today’s question.

The obvious obstacle is whether the Mets are willing to start the clock on Rosario’s Super Two status? Indications are they aren’t willing to take the chance. Instead, they will continue to hope Jose Reyes can rediscover 2006.

When will the Mets learn “hoping” is not a strategy?






3 thoughts on “Today’s Question: Will Mets DL Cabrera And Bring Up Rosario?

  1. Sandy won’t make the move to bring up Rosario. Sandy doesn’t want to ruin these young players’ self esteem cause God forbid they aren’t an instant success. Today we coddle the players way too much and it’s backfired with the Mets. They underestimated Conforto’s maturity and he has done fine despite the yo-yo express from Vegas to New York the last two seasons. Young players are more resilient and can handle the failure more then we give them credit for. Plus it builds character. I want a player that knows when things go bad he’s gotta find a way to work himself out of it. Not today. Today we have to make them feel good by serving up a fresh heaping of PCL pitching. The Astros have a bunch of kids that have been through it – as has Bryce Harper and Steve Trout. The real good ones will find their way. Sandy ruined this pitching staff (before all the injuries) and now not one of them can pitch more than 4 or 5 effective innings! Even deGrom has been ineffective and can’t put together 5 or six solid innings without imploding for one inning. The Mets have finally scored a few runs but this worn out, over rated bullpen may have been effective just enough had this dream team rotation lived up to expectations and gave Terry 6-7 innings per start.

  2. They said he won’t come up.

    But we need him. He is supposed to be a grade a fielder with a stick
    What’s not to like?

    We have hitting and fielding issues and we refuse to bring up our best prospect that has both. Wtf?

    Instead we want to trot out Wilmer and or Jose at third who just suck. Our old but dependable SS is hurt which coincidentally is just the position our next young stud plays. But we want to limp along and save him time so we can save some $

    This is why we suck. Our owners suck and have for a long time. Do we want to win our not? Rosario won’t cost us anything. $$ is not an excuse. Wanting to lose is.

    • Oh and we want to keep running Luke out there. Why is he hitting anywhere in the 1-5 slots rather than the 6-8 where he belongs? Or just keep Rivera there , play mike every day and bring up Rosario. At least we will have 3 players that want to play ball.