Mets’ Remaining Issues With Two Weeks To Go

It seems hard to believe, but it’s true … Opening Day for the Mets is two weeks from today. Fourteen days and a lot of things needing to be determined, beginning with the rotation.

Let’s take a quick look:

HARVEY: Big start today (AP)

HARVEY: Big start today (AP)

ROTATION: I wrote after his last start that perhaps the Mets should consider leaving the battered Matt Harvey back. They haven’t publicly discussed it, but if Harvey gets hammered today the question should be answered. Pitching coach Dan Warthen said Harvey likely would not be full strength until May, at least. And, with a lot of off days in April, it would be an optimum time to let Harvey get stronger and work on his mechanics.

Assuming Harvey is in the rotation, the fifth starter spot between Seth Lugo, Robert Gsellman and Zack Wheeler is undecided. Leaving Wheeler behind would be the prudent option.

BULLPEN: The Mets won’t learn of Jeurys Familia’s suspension until the World Baseball Classic is over. The popular guess is 30 games, but you never know. Addison Reed hasn’t done well as the expected replacement. … Rafael Montero has pitched well, but others have not, like Erik Goeddel. … Fernando Salas just reported to camp following a visa issue. … We’re still waiting for Hansel Robles to show something. … A potential problem with the bullpen is that the starters won’t go long early, so there could be an exposure problem.

FIRST BASE: Jay Bruce as a potential backup hit a snag because he developed a sore hip when he started taking grounders. Could that be because he didn’t start practicing there in earnest until recently? It’s probably Wilmer Flores as the backup for now.

OUTFIELD ALIGNMENT: Michael Conforto has had a good spring, but there’s been no mention as to how – where and how much – he’ll be used. If Conforto and Brandon Nimmo will be on the Opening Day roster, there should be a rough playing rotation as to keep everybody sharp and nobody gets worn down. We haven’t seen a hint of that.

Fourteen days to go and it seems like that many unresolved issues.

2 thoughts on “Mets’ Remaining Issues With Two Weeks To Go

  1. TC plays his starters until they are hurt. Expect Duda, Reyes out there every day. TJ and Flores will PH and if they’re lucky play one game in ten. Darnaud will get 20 games and if he struggles look for Rivera to play 2 games out of five. Conforto starts the season in Vegas. If he hits big he’ll be back in mid May playing every day. UNtil then Bruce, Granderson,Cespedes play every day unless they get hurt or totally stink the place up,TC loves his vets and the only way to get them going is send them out every day. LAgares plays defense in the late innings.

  2. I suppose there could be questions with exactly how the bullpen will shake out and perform, but in the long run, I think they’ll be fine. The rotation is clearly the strength of the club and I’d bet almost any team would eagerly swap their rotation for ours. The outfield and infield will both be just fine no matter the combinations of Reyes, Flores, Conforto, Bruce, et al.
    The biggest problem facing this team is d’Arnaud’s defense behind the plate. He not a great blocker of pitches (downright lazy at times) and can’t throw anyone out. Hopefully, Rivera and Plawecki will be able body replacements back there.