Mets Will Likely Pick Up Salary To Deal Bruce Or Granderson

The Baltimore Orioles have a deep bullpen and are in need of a DH and/or a corner outfielder. Meanwhile, the Mets need relievers and it is no secret they are trying to trade Jay Bruce and/or Curtis Granderson.

So, why can’t these teams get together on a trade? They seem like logical trade partners.

Sure, it would be great to snag Zach Britton, but that’s a fantasy, and it would take a lot more than Bruce or Granderson. In the Orioles’ six-man bullpen, Odrisamer Despaigne, Vance Worley and Ubaldo Jimenez are the last three on the depth cart, so we can probably start from there.

Reportedly, the Orioles would like to trim from their 2016 payroll of $147 million, so it’s not difficult to conclude if a deal is worked out the Mets would have to pick up some of Bruce’s ($13.1 million) or Granderson’s ($15 million) salary.

5 thoughts on “Mets Will Likely Pick Up Salary To Deal Bruce Or Granderson

  1. With the arrival of Seth Smith it’s likely that Baltimore is no longer an option (unless they’re planning on him being a $7 million bench piece).

  2. Trade a 30 homer guy for a RP and throw in cash? Think about it. It doesn’t make sense.

  3. The Mets resident “Genius in his own mind” outdid himself last year. He could have had 30M to address the BP and bench. Instead he wasted 17.2 on Walker and 13M on Bruce. Neither one seems to be worth the contract. Great.

  4. The Mets have done a great job at
    de-valuing Bruce’s worth and probably will be forced to eat some of his contract in order to deal him at this point. If they don’t deal him, they will certainly be stuck with a guy that doesn’t want to be in new York with the way he’s been treated in his short time. Last July he was still considered a quality major leaguer but in less than a few months you’d think he was J. Bay. Sure, much had to do with his lousy performance this summer but he has to have serious disdain for the organization by the way they’ve treated his reputation. In the end the Mets will move him for a sub-par reliever – and ultimately eating a chunk of his salary. Bruce will bust his butt to massage his reputation and more than likely have an all-star type season for his new club. Way to go Mets!!