Mets Find Little Interest In Bruce

Once again the Mets’ eagerness to get rid of a player is hindering their ability to make a trade. And make no mistake, the Mets don’t just want to trade Jay Bruce, they want to dump him.

If they could take back the trade that cost them prospect Dilson Herrera, they would do it in a heartbeat. They’d be lucky to get as much back.

BRUCE: Little interest. (AP)

BRUCE: Little interest. (AP)

The Mets made it clear they wanted to trade Ike Davis and the return was scant. They also made no secret of their desire to get rid of Oliver Perez, subsequently released him during spring training of 2011. While trying him in the bullpen was a natural option, but they didn’t do that and he’s been effective in that role since.

The Mets were also vocal in their displeasure of Jason Bay and had to buy him out. And, what did they get for Lastings Milledge, Francisco Rodriguez or Luis Castillo?

You’re right, next to nothing.

The point is if a team doesn’t want a player, the industry will find out without having to take out an ad or go on Facebook. If you’re that vocal in wanting to deal him, his trade value plummets. In what industry does a corporation (a team) go to such great lengths to devalue the product (the player) it is trying to sell (trade)?

You’re right again, the Mets.

The Mets made no secret their intention was to pick up Bruce’s option first as a safety net and then trade after they extended Yoenis Cespedes.

The New York Post described the interest in Bruce as “tepid” and “minimal.” Maybe the Mets will eventually make a deal, but don’t count on them getting the reliever they need.

The market is such that there is currently a glut of outfielders, which makes it more difficult to trade an outfielder. Why trade when you can sign a player and not having to surrender players or prospects in return?

It’s common sense and the Mets should have seen this coming.

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19 thoughts on “Mets Find Little Interest In Bruce

  1. Please list the glut of outfielders that can put up 25+HR 80+RBI numbers for the upcoming season. Let’s extend that to include all position players. Bruce’s defense may be lacking, but he is still capable of playing LF/RF. If teams want to play a game of chicken with the Mets, so be it. I really wouldn’t expect this to go into ST, but if it does, players will go down and the Mets will have Bruce in waiting. And for those names you mentioned the Mets getting no return on; they were straight terrible at the time of their release. Bruce is not terrible. He’s a streaky player that will hit for power and drive in runs. If a team thinks that Bruce is a middling player that is just as good as Rajai Davis, let them enjoy Rajai’s production.

    • Dan: Sorry it took awhile, but the list of available outfielders has been posted. Only a handful – Bautista and Trumbo and maybe a few others – can give you 25 homers and 80 RBI, which Bruce gave the Mets last year despite a horrid slump in the second half.-JD

  2. 30 homers,100 RBI, reasonable one year contract, someone will pick him up for something of similar value to Herrera. Or better yet trade Grandy and play Bell 150 games batting behind Cespedes in his walk year.

    • Sure, because no GM actually looks at WAR, which would tell him that Bruce has no value, that every other aspect of his game swallows the HRs.

      Bruce does not even have value as a DH to an AL team.

      WAR. wOBA. WRC. Know them. Use them.

  3. I echo that sentiment. On the Granderson front they’re doing what they should — proclaiming him off the table, telling people he’s the regular centerfielder, etc. It’s all posturing, of course.

  4. “Should have seen this coming.” How true.
    Not only prior to this week’s meetings, but they should have seen this coming prior to making the deal for Bruce in the first place. They had to know they would make a big run at Cespedes then, and didn’t need the “insurance” Bruce would provide. They also had to know at that time there would be a glut of OF’s on the market now.
    As I recall, at the deadline they were closing in on a deal for Lucroy. It’s pretty clear that they should have gone the extra mile and made THAT deal.
    How good would we look right now (on offense and defense) with Lucroy behind the plate? I maintain we need a quality catcher more than we need a reliever.

  5. I hate playing the hindsight game but I wasn’t a fan of this deal when it happened, and I’m definitely not a fan now. It didn’t have to happen. But here we are.

    That said, I don’t believe everything I hear/see. He’s a power corner outfield bat on a very reasonable one year salary. There will be interest once the big free agent dominoes fall. They’ll set the market, and the teams that miss out will revisit the trade market.

    • Mooney: They made it difficult for themselves to trade Bruce. This is their own doing. The outfield is a mess now and a big reason is their insistence on Cespedes. He’s overrated in a lot of areas.-JD

  6. None of these players you list is very good.

    Lasting solution was a disaster. Ollie was a disaster. Ike had one good season before he destroyed himself by not playing defense and trading strikeouts for power. K rod ran himself out of town. Castillo was washed up. And the list goes on.

    Bruce did nothing for us which has diminished his value. We bought high. I would do the trade again. Give up a talented middle infielder a few years away for one of the better hitters in the game on an expiring contract to bolster the team for a playoff run? Every time.

    • Jay Bruce, 2014-2016, bWAR = 0.3

      Jay Bruce has no value to a major league team. None. The Mets would get more value setting fire to $13 million in cash. To think they actually traded a promising MI for Bruce. Only the Mets.

    • Dave: I thought it was a good trade. Still do. And, I don’t think Bruce is washed up, although his second half slump diminished his value. Let’s not forget, Cespedes also slumped in the second half. If they can’t deal him and he’s on the Opening Day roster, he needs to play to establish some trade value by July. They won’t see that and he’ll continue to struggle. Alderson and Collins have played this situation with Cespedes and Bruce poorly.-JD

  7. I hope this is all just posturing on Sandy’s part because the Mets have once again over done their eagerness to dump a guy, in this case, Bruce. I don’t think Herrera was the next Joe Morgan and I was fine with the trade but they need to get a player of equal value in return. I’m starting to like the idea more of staying in house for relievers since there’s not a whole lot of options on the market.

    • I agree. I think our relievers are fine. We can do better but we won’t spend for the ones that make a difference

  8. Gee, yo all act as if today is opening day. Guess what its December. Delcos can lead the poarade of whining in April But when he’s gone by then Delcos will act as if he never wrote this whining pathetic article. And Dave is right. All the losers Delcos whines about the Mets getting nothing was because that is what they were worth. So keep on whining and enjoy the game today.

    • PA1, or should I say Mel Isrealoff? If you’re going to rip at least use your name. By the way, I stand by what I write, even if it doesn’t turn out that way. And Mel, it’s not whining, it is calling it as I see it. There’s little interest in Bruce and I’ve pointed out the reasons. Why don’t you stop your constant negativity and read what’s really going on? Peace.-JD

  9. As far as we know, this is not a situation of being addition by subtraction… The only official comments i have seen and i have not been searching for them, is that the team is simply looking to reallocate payroll dollars from an area where they have more players than playing time (OF, specifically LH hittrs) to a an area where they need more players (bullpen)… I would be more disappointed to see them trade JB for a 6th/7th inning guy and a AAA backup C vs. having JB hit 30 hrs for this team. If he told them behind closed doors, get me the fk out of here, then we are kind of screwed. If he stays he should be the 2nd best source of power on the team. I think you can bank on him providing more than DW. If DW outdoes JB then that will be the surprise of 2017, come back player of the year, etc..