Toronto Cooling On Bruce, Granderson

What does it tell you when you hear that GM Sandy Alderson is willing to take a prospect rather than a major-league ready player for either Jay Bruce or Curtis Granderson?

Can you say “salary dump?”

GRANDERSON: Not going to Toronto. (AP)

GRANDERSON: Not going to Toronto. (AP)

Shedding $13 million for Bruce or $15 million for Granderson tells you of the Mets’ thinking these days. Saving payroll is when Alderson was hired in the first place, so that’s not new.

Reportedly, Alderson is willing to trade both, which means Michael Conforto must be the real deal and nothing better happen to Yoenis Cespedes or the Mets will be sunk.

You can surmise the Mets overachieved the last two years and are financially regressing. That’s not hard to understand, but what is are the reports they are interested in dealing Conforto. They couldn’t have possibly given up on him already.

A source I have in Toronto tells me the Blue Jays are interested in Conforto, but cooled considerably on either Bruce or Granderson. Could it be because the Mets want 25-year-old fireballer Marcus Stroman?

The Blue Jays don’t expect to bring back either Jose Bautista or Edwin Encarnacion, but the acquisitions of Kendrys Morales and Steve Pearce will ease that sting.


11 thoughts on “Toronto Cooling On Bruce, Granderson

  1. It’s absurd to call this a salary dump when you look at a team that has four LH hitters in Bruce, Granderson, Conforto and Duda — with a 5th LH bat in Nimmo.

    • Thank you James. This guy Delcos has a big hate thing for Xespedes and he wanted the Mets to let hm go because his white boy Bruce gave the Mets a good week. Fortunately the GM isn’t a moron like Delocs and knows that having Bruce and Granderson and two left handed hitting kids who are all the same is what is stupid and needs to shed the vets to make room for the ready for prime time kids. But when all you want to do is hate on the Cuban guy, you faul to follow the game and the needs of the team. Gee a salary dump really. Then why the QO to the injured second baseman, then why no non tendering guys like Duda. Delcos is out of touch end of subject.

    • Scottie: I’m sure they’ll put in a call, but they won’t come up with what the Pirates are asking. I spoke with somebody from the Pirates and they won’t be shy in asking.-JD

  2. It might be strong to consider this a salary dump. Yes, it sure appears that way, especially when you’re getting prospects back. But you must also consider that the Mets have a major logjam in left handed outfielders (four of them, I reckon) and if you’re able to deal from strength or overstock for cheaper talent that can contribute later next summer, you should consider it.

    That and I don’t think they’re necessarily viewing dealing them as dumps, mostly because they tried moving them for relief help and were apparently rebuffed by the teams they spoke with. I think they’re making every possible move that helps the team. Moving $15 million in salary with a replacement ready gives you flexibility.

    All that being said, the Mets inability or resistance to majorly improving the bullpen is a terrible development. We saw what bullpens meant in the playoffs, regardless of what your rotation looks like. The game is changing. Pitchers are changing. And front offices shouldn’t lag behind. Sandy used to think outside the box, and that’s important now as it was then.

  3. Wow – Boston grabs Chris Sales for 4 prospects…. Definitely prefer to see him there vs. DC…….
    Continuing the thread above, I dont think trading one of our three LH OF’rs is a true salary dump the way moving Seaver was…. and I know that might be the most extreme example you can point to in the last 40 yrs …. Nohanne was another. Moving Bruce or CG can be justified as a reallocation in order to remain competitve, fill other needs… if it is for four low level A guys, then yeah, that does feel like a salary dump… I really wonder if Bruce was such a fish out of water here on the east coast…. It would have been great to have a second masher in the lineup

  4. Trading one of the 3 outfielders is understandable and a good move even if for only prospects. But trading Bruce and Grandy, or all 3, would be nothing more than salary dumping and the Wilpons telling us Mets fans to quit crying – after all they graciously overpaid and gave us Cespedes cause we fans demanded he be signed and threatened to leave the faithful if they let him walk. That would also tell me they know they can’t compete with the Cubs and Nationals and are looking ahead to 2 or 3 years when many of those prospects will be ready with our own in-house blue chippers. Now I could be wrong and maybe Sandy has some mastermind plan looking to dump the 3 for the prosepcts and then make a blockbuster trade for a big name he has his eye on?? Could that be even remotely possible?? I’m sticking with only one will go.

  5. Three OFers and two spots. Plus two of them have one year left on their contracts. Which one rides the bench?