Melancon My First Choice For Mets

With Edwin Encarnacion reportedly already rejecting an $80 million offer from Toronto and seeking five years, my first FA choice for the Mets is off the boards. And, with reports Yoenis Cespedes wants nearly $120 million over five years, he’ll be too expensive.

MELANCON: Go get him. (AP)

MELANCON: Go get him. (AP)

We know they aren’t going to get Aroldis Chapman or Kenley Jansen, so my next choice for the Mets to go after is closer Mark Melancon. At 31 and coming off a 47-save season (after saving 51 in 2015), he offers consistency, durability (at least 70 appearances in five of the last six seasons), and figures to be young enough to keep on going for several more years.

Plus, he’s done most of his heavy lifting in the National League, so you know he understands the lay of the land. Speaking of which, you’d be taking him away from the Nationals.

Melancon made $9.6 million last year with Washington and Pittsburgh and is due for a big pay bump, but if what I’ve been hearing is true, he won’t come close to what Chapman and Jansen are seeking. Both are also hallucinating at five years (only an idiot would give a closer that long a deal) and might be had for three plus an option.

The production is there, the age is right, he’s been healthy and the finances seem to be in order.

What about Jeurys Familia, you ask. Figuring a suspension of at least 30 games, we don’t know what he’ll be like when he returns. And, when he does, he can either go back to the end of the line (middle innings) or possibly be traded.

Of all their questions, pitching is paramount for the Mets. We don’t know how their four surgically-repaired starters will be and can assume they’ll be on a short leash. That means more innings for the bullpen, which increases Melancon’s value.

Hitting is always easier to obtain than quality pitching. They can let Cespedes go and use the money elsewhere and hope for a good year from Jay Bruce.

That’s why Melancon is now my first choice.

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6 thoughts on “Melancon My First Choice For Mets

  1. I’d go a different way with a lower cost option in Koji Uehara. They’re not averse to the senior citizen set and he’s been lights out for his American career. I’m assuming Reed is the closer until Familia returns, then they can slug it out for that role while Uehara wouldn’t require a commitment of more than a year or two at a reduced cost.

  2. I wouldn’t underestimate this market, the closer market, and the desperation teams have for back-inning certainty. Guys like Miller & Chapman have somewhat revolutionized how we view relievers, and you may see some crazy figures and contracts thrown around. Five years and seven figures, while probably a little too high, is not as insane as it once sounded.

  3. I don’t understand the calls to throw away our closer who takes the ball and shuts teams down.

    • I wouldn’t term it “throwing him away.” I would also have to question that “shuts teams down” comment. Have you watched the playoffs the last two seasons? He’s a very good closer and they should retain his services, depending on what he’s guilty of in his personal life. But they can do better. They should try and do better.

      • I don’t understand what you see

        He has a good fastball and effective secondary pitches. When going well his command is very good. You don’t get 50 saves by just walking into it.

        As for playoffs. Yoenis has not done well in the post season for us but I don’t hear anyone suggesting we should do better.

  4. It’s bad PR to be the team or the sport that doesn’t punish these offenders. Others will say it’s a clubhouse distraction. But the team that offers the second chance usually makes out on the deal by typically getting a really good player on the cheap and something to prove. If the Mets drop him some other lucky team is going to get a great closer.