Walker Accepts Mets’ Qualifying Offer

Coming off back surgery, Neil Walker had little choice but to accept the Mets’ $17.2-million qualifying offer. He had to figure surgery would have limited interest, so it was best to take the guaranteed money and try the market again next offseason.

It was a no-brainer on his part, just as the qualifying offer was to the Mets.

“Happy to say I’m back in Orange and Blue in 2017! Let’s go Mets,” Walker posted on his Twitter account Monday afternoon.

Walker, who came to the Mets in a trade for Jon Niese, helped carry them for much of the season before undergoing season-ending back surgery to repair a herniated disk. The 31-year-old Walker, who replaced NL MVP candidate Daniel Murphy, hit .282 with 23 homers and 55 RBI before his season ended.

ESPN reported the Mets’ 2017 payroll commitment is now roughly $124 million. That could go as high as $150 million should the Mets bring back Yoenis Cespedes.

Had the Mets not retained Walker, second base could have come down to Wilmer Flores and T.J. Rivera. They will now be relegated to the bench roles.

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5 thoughts on “Walker Accepts Mets’ Qualifying Offer

    • Scott: Whoa. I hadn’t thought of that. It is thinking outside the box. But, wouldn’t it boil down to who is the better first baseman: Walker or Wilmer Flores? I might go with Flores on that one. But, I would consider Duda for McCann. Nice job. Thanks.-JD

      • Walker is the better second baseman and probably the best we have now. So why move him? Not to place Wilmer at second over him. Please.

  1. I’d take that swap any day! Except I’m not so sure the Yanks would although a case could be made for that big lefty stroke and short porch. Sadly, it’s a bad time in the Big Apple for these two teams to start swapping guys especially with the Bombers playing second fiddle these days. Each GM very hesitant any deal of that nature could blow up in their face and then have to stare down the white hot spotlight of the New York media every other day to answer to. Nice thought, not gonna happen.