Mets Shouldn’t Think Of Dealing Bruce Without Cespedes Resolution

MLB Trade Rumors reported the Toronto Blue Jays are interested in trading with the Mets for outfielder Jay Bruce. This is in anticipation of Toronto losing outfielder Jose Bautista and first baseman Edwin Encarnacion. That’s smart thinking on the Blue Jays’ part as they are likely to lose both.

Personally, I’d love for the Mets to sign Encarnacion, but after studying the early reports, I’m not thinking they can afford him. To do what they must do, I don’t think they can afford Yoenis Cespedes, either.

BRUCE: Don't trade insurance just yet. (AP)

BRUCE: Don’t trade insurance just yet. (AP)

As far as the Mets dealing Bruce, that would be crazy to do now. They picked up his option in anticipation of losing Cespedes. The Mets say they want to bring him back, but with what he’s asking and if negotiations for a new CBA drag, talks with Cespedes can last into January.

Cespedes, as expected, rejected the Mets’ $17.2 million qualifying offer. Since he turned down the Mets’ initial obligatory offer, the next negotiating move is for him to state what he wants. That seems simple enough.

If he walks and Bruce has been traded, the Mets will without any substantial power – left or right-handed. They can’t afford to wait until late July again for Curtis Granderson to wake up and nobody knows what to expect from Lucas Duda. GM Sandy Alderson is walking a tightrope with Cespedes, which is why I want him to push the envelope now.

If they want him, go for it hard. If their offers are for show – as they were with Jose Reyes – then walk away and build around Bruce, who, by the way, is younger and would come cheaper.

But, dealing Bruce without a resolution on Cespedes is simply reckless.

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8 thoughts on “Mets Shouldn’t Think Of Dealing Bruce Without Cespedes Resolution

  1. I have no problem trading Bruce before Ces is resolved because Bruce doesn’t impress me at all.
    He’s not a clutch hitter and we already have plenty of home-run-hitting/low-batting-average players.

    They can still trade for a power hitter after Bruce is gone (if they lose out on Cespedes).
    And even in the event they can’t, I’d much rather see Conforto play then Bruce.

    Conforto is a proven clutch hitter and can hit for power, when he gets back to his old form–which I have no doubt he will.

  2. Remember who the manager is. You only get to play as a young rising star if injuries force his hand.

  3. Cmon with all this negative Jay Bruce talk. The guy is a legit major league talent. He’s bit going to the hall of fame but he can really contribute to these anemic offense. I know he was a major dissapointment for much of the season save for the final two weeks. But I wouldn’t think about trading him until we know what happens with Cespedes. As for Conforto, it’s time to commit to this kid and see what he has over the long haul. Tearing it up in Vegas is not going to help any longer. He needs to ride the ups and downs here in the show!! Let’s hope there are alot more ups than downs in 2017!

    • B.Lippai: I know Bruce has gotten a bad rap. But, give the guy a break. He’s a proven hitter. The Mets would be foolish to deal him before knowing about Cespedes. I still think they would be a better team with Bruce and use the money earmarked for Cespedes to fill other holes.-JD