Others Counting On Cespedes

There are a multitude of pros and cons on whether the Mets should extend outfielder Yoenis Cespedes should he opt out of his contract, which he is expected to do.

CESPEDES: Others waiting on him. (AP)

CESPEDES: Others waiting on him. (AP)

In weighing their options, the Mets must remember Cespedes is the lead domino in determining decisions on four positions, which is half their lineup.


Cespedes insisted on playing left field after he strained his right quad after misplaying a ball in center. If Cespedes has to play left again, that leaves Michael Conforto on the outs.


The Mets banked on Cespedes to play center, but he balked after the injury. They wanted Cespedes in center so Conforto could play in left. With Cespedes in left, Curtis Granderson (who has one more year left on his contract) would share center with Juan Lagares, whom the Mets really want at the position because of his defense. At one time, the Mets toyed with Conforto in center, but that never materialized. They also need to find a way to work Brandon Nimmo in the mix.


The Mets have to pick up Jay Bruce’s option as a hedge on Cespedes leaving. Signing Bruce necessitated moving Granderson. If they keep Bruce, he could be traded should Cespedes choose to stay. If last winter was any indication, Cespedes will drag this out.


In an effort to play Conforto, they’ll try him at first base. If that works out, that means there’s so place for Lucas Duda or James Loney.

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3 thoughts on “Others Counting On Cespedes

  1. Juan should be your every day CF. his problem is injuries. He is head and shoulders above anyone else on the team. Conforto had questions about his glove in any position before coming up. Also Juan looks like he figured out his bat.

    They should resign Yoenis and then the fun begins

    If they keep Bruce before being able to sign Yoenis you should probably try and trade him. Grandy is better and you need to give Mike some time. There is also Nimmo, but really if you want to win you don’t sit a better player in the hopes of developing a young guy. Send him to the minors and make him force you to open a spot.

  2. The loser and Cuban hater just can’t let up on Cespedes. First he bashes him for not playing a position he couldn’t play whil;e hurt than he makes snide comments about him leaving the Mets hanging last Winter when all he did was try to get the best deal he could.. I;m sure Delcos if he had the chance to ever earn some money wouldn’t try to get the best deal he could, So Cespedes stays withing the rules completely and this clown bashes him for it. Keepup the hdeous work. Expains why your site is pretty much empty.

  3. I would like to give Bruce a chance before shipping him out as JayBayTwo. I think he has a better chance of reaching 30,100 than Curtis does of reaching 25, 55. CG certainly had his moments and contributions, i just dont see him as as a major piece of the lineup anymore, certainly not at $20m whatever it is now… Bruce is a “relative” bargain at $12.5m.

    Only way i move Bruce is if it brings a stud 3b like Luke Donaldson. Bruce, Duda & HairGuy3 or Seth? maybe add in a prospect pitcher??? Toronto will be needing an OF & 1b – they could always use a pitcher or two also… Jose could share 2b with TJ and wilmer could platoon with Looney. OF: YC, JL, MC/BN