Mets Should Go With Ynoa Friday Over Matz

Here it is, Tuesday and Mets manager Terry Collins says he’s undetermined about whether Steven Matz will start Friday against the Phillies.

In his bullpen session over the weekend, reports had his secondary pitches not being sharp. He’s scheduled to throw another 35-pitch bullpen session Wednesday, and if all goes well, the Mets want to throw him out there for Friday – when he won’t throw more than 50 pitches.

MATZ:  Taking reckless gamble with him. (AP)

MATZ: Taking reckless gamble with him. (AP)

In the promo for SNY, Collins asks the media: “Do you think this game is easy to play?” Actually, no, it isn’t easy. I don’t know how to build a watch, but I know how to tell time, and this a gamble the Mets shouldn’t take.

Clearly, based on his last start, Gabriel Ynoa should get the ball.

In his start over the weekend against Minnesota, Ynoa gave up one run on four hits with eight strikeouts in 4.2 innings (76 pitches). In their wildest dreams, the Mets would kill to get that from Matz.

Still, the Mets don’t know what to do.

“It has not been decided,” Collins said today. “The report I got, was when he threw his secondary pitches they need to be refined.”

If he still needs work, he’s not going to get much before Friday. Fifty pitches is enough to fall into a huge hole, and with how the Mets have been hitting recently, it could be too deep, and at this point they can’t afford to give away games.

If Matz gets torched – and even if he doesn’t – they will immediately go to Ynoa, which means they will burn two pitchers.

Since they are coming off a good start from Ynoa, the prudent decision would be to go with him again. If he duplicates the 76 pitches he threw against the Twins, that could be two more innings than what they might get from Matz.

“We’ve got to win games,” Collins said. No kidding. Since that’s the case, this seems like they are making a reckless decision.

This is exactly what occurred with Jacob deGrom, who’ll undergo elbow surgery Friday.

If the Mets are hell bent on using Matz again this year, I’d give him another bullpen after tomorrow and try next week, but in relief, hopefully in a limited pressure situation. With games precious, I wouldn’t want to burn one by gambling with Matz.

Collins is looking undecided in this case, just as he was during the deGrom saga, but it must be understood this isn’t all his doing. He looks bad because he’s out front answering the questions every day, but GM Sandy Alderson is pulling the strings.

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3 thoughts on “Mets Should Go With Ynoa Friday Over Matz

  1. I agree with you. Matz should get more rest if he is at all limited. Ynoa should be able to handle the Phillies for 5 or 6 innings.

  2. It’s crunch time. All hands on deck. If Matz is healthy enough to give you 50 pitches that count – then let him loose. If the Mets keep stumbling against the cellar dwellers next week won’t matter and then they will just shut him down anyway. I say go down with a fight and go down with your star performers. It’s going to be a very long off season if they blow this wild card especially by blowing it to Freddie Freeman and the Braves. And btw, at what point does Jay Bruce come up with one – just one big hit in the next week and a half??? I’ve never pulled for a guy so hard as I have for this Mets player but the frustration level has now reached an all time high almost surpassing Jason Bay in this short span. Wow, we all know the New York stage is not Cinci but I had dreams of him and Cespedes being a power house tandem in that lineup. Such a devastating dissapointment l!!!

  3. I hear you
    We have to win every game, but we also need to get our pitchers ready

    If he is healthy enough he should pitch even if it is for 4 innings