Ten Things To Happen For Mets To Turn It Around

It’s a logical question: Have the Mets survived the undertow that was dragging their season out to sea After consecutive well-pitched games – and they were sterling efforts – from Jacob deGrom and Steven Matz, the temptation is to say yes.

However, you know what they say about temptation.

CESPEDES: Must hit when he returns. (AP)

CESPEDES: Must hit when he returns. (AP)

It’s an oversimplification to say after winning won two straight over the weekend against San Diego – a team they should beat at home – all is right with the Mets.

Frankly, that’s not enough to be writing a check for playoff tickets. The Mets will have turned things around when the following happens:

Yoenis Cespedes returns healthy and in center field: Cespedes begins a rehab assignment today as a DH in Port St. Lucie. He’s expected back when the Mets are in San Francisco. When Cespedes comes back I don’t want to hear anything about him not playing centerfield. The Mets signed him to play center. From left to right, the outfield should be Curtis Granderson, Cespedes and Jay Bruce.

Granderson and Bruce need to hit: The Mets haven’t gotten much from Granderson all season (see 18-31 HR to RBI ratio) and Bruce hasn’t hit since coming over from the Reds. Both hitting will take pressure off Cespedes and return Alejandro De Aza to the bench.

Paging Syndergaard: Noah Syndergaard has lost four of his last five decisions, increasing speculation the bone spur is taking a toll. His pitch count limits him to around six innings, and they haven’t been effective.

Leave Flores alone: Just let Wilmer Flores play and be done with it. Give him a chance against right handed pitching because the platoon isn’t working.

RISP must improve:  Yes, we know the Mets can hit home runs, and the expectations of more will rise with Cespedes. However, they are dead last in the majors hitting with runners in scoring position. It might be too much to expect that will turn around with six weeks remaining to the season, but that’s a priority.

Cabrera’s return important: His contributions can’t be understated, and they include more than taking off the helmet of the home run hitter. Yes, there was that long stretch when he didn’t hit with RISP. However, he gave the Mets a lot of clutch hits and played solid defense in the first half.

Need Niese: Jon Niese is now the No. 5 starter. The Mets aren’t in the position where they can afford to lose every fifth game.

Run Reyes Run: The Mets signed Jose Reyes for what he can do with his speed. Yesterday it paid off when he singled, went to second on a short wild pitch and continued to third on a throw into center. He then scored on a wild pitch. Reyes isn’t going to steal 60 bases anymore, but his speed is a threat and we haven’t seen it much since he came back.

Bullpen stability: Addison Reed and Jeurys Familia have been lockdown in the eighth and ninth. Hansel Robles was going well for awhile, but lost his composure in Yankees game and really hasn’t been the same. They should get more help when the rosters expand, but for now they need Jerry Blevins and Erik Goeddel to pitch well as a bridge to Reed.

Somebody has to step up: Somebody other than Neil Walker has to step up. James Loney has done it; so has Kelly Johnson. But, there will be games down the stretch when Walker and Cespedes and Bruce don’t hit. In those games, they’ll need Flores, or T.J. Rivera, or how about one of the catchers? They’ve gotten little from Travis d’Arnaud all year.

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5 thoughts on “Ten Things To Happen For Mets To Turn It Around

  1. They should have looked at themselves and realized this team is not good and even if they did somehow make it to the playoffs they weren’t going to win. No one is playing well for this team in the field. They can’t hit and should have never made the Bruce trade. If you look at his stats he has never produced against Was, Stl, the Cubs, SF or LA. The guy gets his numbers against bad teams only. Anderson should have looked at this team and said we haven’t hit all year, we have basically DeGroom in the rotation with Matz and Thor being damaged, Colon being average at best, Wheeler not coming back this year or ever and a void at the 5th spot. This team should have been been in selling mode. I would have dumped everyone.

    • The mets needed to make the Bruce trade.
      I don’t know how good he really is but he has I,press ice numbers

      With conforto regressing, yeonis’s ability to opt out and Grandy having a bad year they needed to get an of. Nimmo is our best option from the minors and there is no indication he will be better than a bench player. We are still waiting on Juan to show up as well. The signing was as much about next year as this.

  2. They’re big mistake was not going all in for Lucroy!! Didn’t need another left handed
    hitting outfielder but desperately needed to upgrade the catching position! D’Arnaud has been terrible BOTH offensively and defensively!!

  3. It’s a sad commentary that Yoenis was signed to be our cf considering he is horrible in cf.

    Noah is hurt. Hopefully he figures out how to pitch before the end of the season.

    Not sold on Wilmer at the plate. Playing him in the field weakens your defense.

    Risp. It would be nice if the team knew the basics of hitting.

    Niese should win a game or two.. Hopefully.

    Jose running the bases yesterday was as much about luck as any speed he has.

    Pen. Other than 8&9 , ugh.

    Step up. Perhaps they need a new hitting coach. He made them hit for more power, but if you don’t know how to hit ( paging Dan the man) what good is it?