Harvey Needs To Pitch Bigger Than His Ego

Readers of this blog know I have been critical of Matt Harvey and this “Dark Knight” and “Today is Harvey Day” nonsense. It comes with a gut feeling he’s been seduced by the trappings of being a “New York Sports Star” and being a celebrity is what drives him.

HARVEY: Needs to pitch bigger than his ego. (AP)

HARVEY: Needs to pitch bigger than his ego. (AP)

However, with a 29-27 career record, can he really be considered a star? ┬áHe’s more celebrity than star. More smoke than fire. More sizzle than steak. Perhaps a Kardashian in cleats. I could go all day, but the bottom line is for a variety of reasons ranging from injuries to poor performance to a mental block, he hasn’t developed into what we think he could be. Or, maybe what he should be.

Two games over .500 is not a big deal, and never mind the new wave stats: wins and losses are important.

Harvey craves the attention and spotlight. The Mets have tread water the last two months, but with a grueling schedule entering the All-Star break they face the real possibility of falling into a downward spiral. Yes, there is such a thing as a “must win” game in June.

Monday night might have produced their worst performance of the season in an 11-4 trouncing to the Nationals. They are in third place in the NL East and would fall five games back with a loss Tuesday night. From a team perspective, a case can be made tonight is one of Harvey’s most important starts. The Mets desperately need not only a victory, but a stellar performance from the pitcher they still consider an ace.

If Harvey gets torched tonight, and with the prospect of not having Steven Matz on Wednesday, the party that is 2016 could soon be over. It’s quite simple, Harvey needs to pitch bigger than his ego.

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4 thoughts on “Harvey Needs To Pitch Bigger Than His Ego

  1. Again, I think you’re being a bit unfair to his record here. While he’s certainly underwhelmed this season, and he needs to grow the hell up in some ways, citing his W-L record is a little silly. In three full seasons he’s pitched to a 2.73, 2.27, and 2.71 ERA. The record is meaningless. The Mets don’t score for him. This isn’t about “new wave stats.” Wins & losses are important to the team. Judging a pitcher by them is shortsighted, if not outright ridiculous.

    If a pitcher (any pitcher) tosses 30 starts with a 2.50 ERA and his team averages 2.2 runs per start, which is pretty close to Harvey’s run support (for his career), what do you think is going to happen?

    He’s been putrid this year. We all know it. We’ve all seen it. He needs to step up, figure it out, and battle out there. He needs to lead. But throwing those stats at him? Meh.

    • If you simply run composite run support over his career, the Mets score 3.8 runs per game in his starts (the average declines if you factor in 2016). And yet that number doesn’t illustrate the amount of times he left games down 1-0, 0-2, or 0-0 and didn’t factor in the decision (or even took a loss). So, a little slack on W-L records is important here.

  2. He has been given 1, 2 and 3 run leads numerous times in his short and mediocre career. He can never hold any lead. He is a media, Met PR Dept. and agent creation.