Tejada Move All About Money

Just because the Mets went to the World Series last season it doesn’t mean they are done with their penny-pinching ways. Yes, Tuesday’s decision to place shortstop Ruben Tejada on waivers was all about saving money.

It can’t be about anything else when you consider if he’s claimed on waivers by Thursday the Mets will save themselves the $3 million owed him for the 2016 season. If he’s not claimed the Mets can cut him and only pay him $500,000.

TEJADA: Tejada waived. (Getty)

TEJADA: Tejada waived. (Getty)

Never mind starting shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera might begin the season on the disabled list with a strained ligament in his left knee and the other reserve infielder, could be needed to back up David Wright at third and Lucas Duda at first.

Once criticized for not always being in good shape when he reported to spring training, Tejada has worked exceedingly hard to recover from his fractured right leg sustained by Chase Utley‘s hard takeout slide in Game 2 of the NLDS against the Dodgers.He’s played very well,” manager Terry Collins said. “He came

“He’s played very well,” manager Terry Collins told reporters. “He came in [camp] in great shape and he’s played very well. He’s swung the bat good. We’ll just wait to see what’s going on.” It

It isn’t all that hard to figure out. If not claimed by Thursday, the Mets will undoubtedly cut him and save themselves $2.5 million. Of course, they could attempt to trade him – St. Louis and the Dodgers could use a shortstop – but why should they give up a prospect or player when they conceivably sign him as a free agent if they are patient?


10 thoughts on “Tejada Move All About Money

  1. Tejada isn’t good. Yeah money is part of it, but the reason he was dropped was b/c he isn’t good and they don’t think he’s worth spending 3 mil on at this point. Sure the money factored into the timing but it was sensible to make the move now and save the money than wait a couple weeks. They also tried to trade him before the release but nobody wanted him. He isn’t any kind of real replacement for Wright or Duda. He’s not nearly as good as those guys and wouldn’t do anything to replace him. His only value would’ve been as the 3rd string SS – and not really one that would be utilized as a bat off the bench. So it’s reasonable that the Mets didn’t think he was worth holding onto

    • Ruben is a good shortstop.

      When he is playing well he makes the routine plays and hits for average.

      Since our starting shortstop is hurt and the backup (ahem) , Wilmer, is absolutely clueless at short the team decides to make the prudent decision of cutting the only major league player on the roster who can competently play the position.

      Once again the clueless broke owners show their stripes.

      • If they were that broke they could have non-tendered him. They kept him until they felt they had two better options at SS.

        Yes, Tejada can play a decent SS, but it’s far from great. And Wilmer did ok enough there. Tejada would be useless in a pinch hitting role. Keeping a backup backup SS who can’t hit is a waste of a roster spot

        • Did I say great? No I stated he is the only competent major league ss who is on the roster who is not hurt. And they cut him. That is a truly brilliant decision.

          And Wilmer is not ok there. He flat out sucks. He turns routine outs into singles for any hitter with above average speed.

          Hitters with average speed have a better than even chance at getting a hit if they hustle.

          None of this shows in the stats. They don’t charge you with an error if you don’t anticipate, wait on the ball rather than meeting it or just take too long to get the ball out of your glove and throw. But they are errors. Make no mistake.

          • None of these issues is a problem at second since the distance is not as great. This is also why he sucks at third. I haven’t seen him there, but quick reactions and throwing quickly and accurately to first is a factor here and I just don’t think he can do that.

            Can you hide him at short for a game or two in a pinch? Yes. If your starter is hurt do your pitchers want to throw 4 outs an inning because their shortstop behind them can’t start in AA ball?

  2. El Cheapo management-should have released him when he had a chance to make a difference on another team/not half way thru Spring Training……..Would not be surprised if he goes to Court and brings a case against the Mets—-being released so soon after the broken parts were repaired–if he cant catch on somewhere…….And I hope he wins against THIS management..[Another example of lousy planning.]

  3. 2nd best career batting average and on-base pct vs lefties on the Mets. Behind only Davis Wright. Just when you think there is the possibility that the pennypiching Mets ownership group is no longer constrained by the Madoff fiasco, it raises its ugly head yet again

  4. the wisdom of delcos is upon us again! is ruben tejada a silver slugger with a lead glove? is he a gold glover with a mendoza bat? nope and nope. hes a 6 year veteran whos had many chances to emerge as a full time starter and flubbed each time, the mets have options at vegas who can do a similar job while costing $2 million less; so why should the team stay with tejada? because he got a broken leg in october due to his inability to get out of the way of a dirty slide? oh delcos, how silly can you get?

    • Have any of the Vegas hands played at the major league level?

      How many can hit at this level?