Mets’ Depth Will Come To Play Early

Depth was to be a Mets’ strong point this year, and it will come into play a lot earlier than anticipated with shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera expected to miss the start of the season with a┬ástrained patella tendon in his left knee. Ruben Tejada, who lost his job after Cabrera was acquired and recently has been the subject of trade rumors to St. Louis, is starting again.

TEJADA: Back in line up. (AP)

TEJADA: Back in line up. (AP)

“[Cabrera] may not be ready for opening day, and that’s one of the reasons we have the depth on our roster that we have now,” Mets GM Sandy Alderson told reporters Friday. “If he’s ready in three or four weeks, it’s essentially the first week of the season and we’ll be in pretty good shape.”

Cabrera was in New York Friday at the Hospital of Special Surgery to receive a platelet-rich plasma injection. He was injured Thursday when he was running the bases and didn’t slide.

“I was running – with the fly ball ┬áto second, and thinking slide,” Cabrera said. “I saw the bad throw, so I tried to stay up. I felt something in my knee. It’s sore right now.”

With Cabrera in the first season of a two-year, 8.5-million contract, the Mets hoped to unload Tejada – who will make $3 million in 2016 – for a prospect before losing him to free-agency next winter.

Timing is everything, and right now it isn’t good for Cabrera. It’s better for Tejada, and it could be good in the long run for the Mets. When Cabrera returns – and there are no setbacks – and if Tejada plays well and proves his leg is sound, it could enhance his trade value.



4 thoughts on “Mets’ Depth Will Come To Play Early

  1. John,Tejada is the backup shortstop. Nobody wants to see Flores playing shortstop again.

    • I keep hearing the broadcasters say he is ok… Except for his range.

      The thing is it’s not his range. He doesn’t react to the ball and takes forever to get ready to throw.

  2. Don’t see Tejada going anywhere. Why and for what ? Team needs his glove for this type of thing (injury) and 8-9th inning defense. There will be many one run games this year.
    These are the Mets, remember ? Just because they are supposed to hit, does not mean they will.
    We have seen this all before. Keep Tejada. His $3m or whatever is nothing for a championship caliber team to have ready to step in. Whatever Mets could get for him at this stage would be insignificant to the big club, and there are already tons of SS in the minors the team is prepping for the future. Leave well enough alone !

    • But we’re the Mets.

      Our owners are broke and pretending otherwise.

      We want to get rid of that outfielder. For some reason we want to pay him $5m. So we want someone to take over the contract. We should try and get a minor leaguer with potential. Say a catcher, ss, or outfielder. But we want someone to take over the money. Talent beats money.

      Haven’t we seen over the past 5 years or so? We chase over the hill vets for big contracts only to find our young guys with a hope and a prayer outplay them?