Mets Add Journeyman Outfielder De Aza

We knew the Mets weren’t going to bring back Yoenis Cespedes and diving deep into the free-agent market is not their style. They needed a left-handed hitting outfielder and addressed that void with Alejandro De Aza.

DE AZA:  Signed to platoon with Lagares. (AP)

DE AZA: Signed to platoon with Lagares. (AP)

De Aza was signed to platoon with Juan Lagares in center field. He’s a role player and nothing more.

He might be slightly better than Kirk Nieuwenhuis, but nothing to get excited about. His most relevant numbers are he’s 32; will make $4.5 million in 2016; has played for five teams in eight years, including three last season and hit .267 with a .331 on-base percentage last year.

He can play all three outfield positions and has some speed, with 86 career stolen bases. But, that doesn’t mean he’s a base running threat as he’s been thrown out 41 times. De Aza played for Baltimore, Boston and San Francisco last season. Three teams in one year, and five before the age of 32 tells you something, doesn’t it? It tells me this is no big deal; nothing to get excited about. This also tells me De Aza fits in with the Mets’ recent history of operating on the cheap.

We’re talking about a player who’ll be no better than the 23rd, 24th or 25th player on the roster. We’re not talking about somebody who will return them to the playoffs.

Actually, for my money they might be better off just playing Lagares full time and skipping the platoon.


9 thoughts on “Mets Add Journeyman Outfielder De Aza

  1. Exactly, John. My guess the CF job is Lagares’ until he loses it and that he will be given until June to do that.

  2. John is correct in asserting that De Aza is a journeyman and just slightly better than Captain Kirk. He is certainly more of a solid hitter, but Nieuwenhuis is a far better defensive option with more speed. That being said, the Metsecutives opted for a good bat over defense. They also kept costs contained, which is perfectly reasonable and prudent. Clearly, the intention is not a strict platoon where Lagares is lucky to make two starts a week. This will be more of a De Aza starts against right-handers who confound or are likely to stifle Lagares. Juan will get the bulk of the playing time and enter games he doesn’t start as early as the 7th inning, if the Mets have the lead. De Aza is just the kind of player the Mets need to let Lagares blossom. Span would have fostered a strict platoon and held Lagares back. With one more prudent maneuver—Ryan Raburn—to back up the lefties in LF, RF and 1B, the Mets could have an even longer and deeper bench than in 2015. These types of signings also open up some spending in the bullpen (Albers would be very nice) and put the late-July acquisition spree in play. And besides, the Mets seem to corner the market on players like d’Arnaud, deGrom, den Dekker and now De Aza.

      • r their hands tied cause of the $24 mil to Lagares….? small market penny pinching coming off their first WS in 15 years…i’d platoon Nieuwenhuis, and spend the money elsewhere….

        I look at the lineup and i only see Conforto as the only uninjured non streaky hitter

        • Aldersen’s amazing success in putting together a pre-deadline pennant winning team won’t be forgotten by the Met execs.

        • The mets haven’t changed

          They actually went out and got two serviceable middle infielders, but they still do not have a shortstop for the next 5 years. They have a huge question at third. A first baseman who is not a reliable hitter, a player in center who is damaged and a fragile catcher.

          We shall see if we have a reliable lineup next year

  3. Time to say goodbye to the most exciting bat we’ve had since Delgado. A big market team should have the resources to risk a big contract on Cespedes.

  4. Same old cheap Mets they told us last year if attendance was up and they brought in more money that they would have more to spend. The jokes on us.