Mets Still Have Voids To Fill

We are a week from Christmas and two months away from the start of spring training and the Mets still have two significant concerns to address:

CENTER FIELD: The Mets need a platoon with Juan Lagares, preferably a left-handed bat the equal of Yoenis Cespedes. That’s going to be tough. Making their quest even more difficult is the growing speculation they are going to do this on the cheap.

There does not seem to be sentiment to let Lagares open the season in a full time capacity, similar to what they did with Wilmer Flores.

Dexter Fowler and Denard Span are the names most frequently mentioned, however, they are lower tier options.

While neither are top drawer, they are at the point in their careers where they want the chance to play full time and won’t be anxious to enter into a platoon situation.

By the time the Mets get around talking with them, the market may be depleted, elevating them to the top of what is left – consequently probably making them too expensive to sign.

BULLPEN: Signing Bartolo Colon improves the bullpen, but you must remember that probably doesn’t happen until Zack Wheeler returns in July. Until then, things are thin. Jenrry Mejia was tendered for 2016. They are also bringing back Addison Reed and Jerry Blevins, and Tyler Clippard remains a possibility.

So, for now we really can’t say the Mets are significantly better than they were at the end of the season. And, please don’t underestimate how important this area is to the Mets. There is no return trip to the World Series, and maybe not even the playoffs without a better bullpen.

2 thoughts on “Mets Still Have Voids To Fill

  1. John,John, it’s December 18. The Mets were in the WS last year. They’ve already improved the infield. Syndergard and Matz will be here all year. The Nats have already lost Zimmerman and likely will lose Desmond. A platoon mate will soon be added as well as BP help. Don’t worry, be happy.

  2. They are definitely not better than he end of the season

    Juan is not a full time player
    He is hurt and most likely will not return to his gold glove status without surgery which he will not have. His bat is a work in progress

    You didn’t mention third where there is a big question mark on how good David can be and how long he will play. Also Luke is an enigma

    As for the pen. I haven’t followed much what they have done. They need to get a lefty for the pen vs not having anything last year and the young guys can fill in the spots. Like Robles who needs to get control.