Bringing Back Colon No-Brainer For Mets

The Mets had a handful of decisions to make this off-season, and bringing back Bartolo Colon was no-brainer. Sure, he’s 42, but he also won 14 games, made 31 starts and pitched strong in the playoffs. He won’t make 30 starts in 2016, but even so it is worth it to give him $7.25 million for next year.

The money is worth it for a lot of reasons:

COLON: Worth it. (AP)

COLON: Worth it. (AP)

* He’ll be a reliable stop-gap as the fifth starter to replace Jon Niese until Zack Wheeler is brought up in late June or July. And, if for some reason Wheeler’s return is delayed Colon can always go back into the relation.

* Colon’s work in the bullpen in the playoffs proved valuable and gives the Mets a reliable option as a long reliever.

* Colon is an invaluable asset of information to the Mets’ young core of starters. Even Jacob deGrom, Steven Matz, Noah Syndergaard and even Matt Harvey can learn from him.

* And finally, if he does well until Wheeler comes back, he might be attractive to a contender at the trade deadline. You never know.

The $7.25 million the Mets will give him will be a bargain if he gives him a year they are hoping for.


5 thoughts on “Bringing Back Colon No-Brainer For Mets

  1. I think they overpaid a bit here. I was hoping to have him at $5 million or so, but they know their budget and where they plan to spend. I’m definitely happy he’s back, and I wanted him back. We’ll need his consistency until Wheeler is right, and we have to remember that no team goes a full year with five starters. He’ll be a key asset.

  2. Consider that Colon is at his best, by far, in the first 1/3 of the season. Just what we will need.

  3. I like the move. He is a clubhouse guy and a great teammate. Putting a team together isn’t all about stats and having the best players, it’s also important to have team chemistry. And Colon is a positive influence and a crafty veteran on a pitching staff full of youngsters.

  4. I agree with this Colon signing. Here is why besides the obvious fill in for Wheeler and replacement for Niese: 1- He is durable 2- He is a clubhouse presence and positive influence
    3- The latino pitchers on the team like Familia, Robles, Mejia, Montero all look up to him, respect him and look for advise from him as they should. Only Pedro Martinez, as a Dominican hurler has more victories than Bartolo, who passed the legendary Juan Marichal, another hall of famer. 4- First half of the year Bartolo is killer. Pitchers are ahead of hitters and he throws strikes and gives innings, leaving BP fresh most of the time. Bartolo was like 5-0 before anyone even blinked ! 5- BP later in the year when, likely, unfortunately, there will probably be at least one injury. Just the nature of the beast (position). Can you imagine the good times the team has poking fun with him on road trips, on the plane, etc…? Must be a blast.
    Any team building karma and spirit needs a dude like this during the ups and downs, pressures of a season. Couldn’t ask for a better buffer than Bartolo Colon.