Mets’ Remaining Shopping List

The Mets upgraded their up-the-middle defense by signing FA shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera and trading for second baseman Neil Walker. They also freed up their rotation by trading Jon Niese. They are better today than they were when the Winter Meetings began.

Even so, that doesn’t mean they don’t have things left to do. Here’s what they have to do:

BLEVINS: Will he be ready? (AP)

BLEVINS: Will he be ready? (AP)

* BOLSTER THE BULLPEN:  Re-signing Tyler Clippard is an option. Hansel Robles, Sean Gilmartin and Carlos Torres aren’t the answers by themselves. Their primary need is to get a left-handed reliever.

Maybe Josh Edgin will bounce back from surgery. Perhaps Jerry Blevins will, also.

When you come down to it, the most certain arms in the bullpen are Jeurys Familia and Addison Reed. The Mets are currently considering bringing back Bartolo Colon, who came up big working out of the pen during the playoffs.

* CENTER FIELD:  Most of the talk is finding a left-handed hitting platoon for Juan Lagares. When you sign a player to a five-year extension and after one year are looking to platoon him, that tells me they aren’t completely sold on him. Am I jumping the gun? I don’t think so.

Personally, the Mets signed Jason Heyward, I’d be thrilled, but I don’t think it will happen. I’d rather the Mets get a full-time player than go with a platoon. The Mets have some internal options, which makes be thing the best thing they should do with Lagares is have him undergo Tommy John surgery and prepare him for 2017.

* PAY THE ROTATION: The Mets say they won’t break up their young pitching core, so they might as well sign at least one of them long-term to avoid their arbitration years. Sooner or later they’ll have to make this move, and with the estimated $30 million they saved by not signing Ben Zobrist, it should be sooner.

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6 thoughts on “Mets’ Remaining Shopping List

  1. Until that fateful collision in left center Lagares was on his was to All Star’dom. No longer being able to throw is a drawback which has effected his overall field play. It’s time for an operation or a trade.

  2. He’s getting ABs in one of the winter leagues so he is probably healthy and doesn’t need surgery or rest. At least we can hope that.

  3. This bullpen is giving me heartburn already. They absolutely have to make a move here to improve, and I would hope they’re scouring the trade market. Addison Reed is not a solid set-up man, and I’m willing to bank on him losing that job at some point. Mejia is risky if they go that route, and can’t play in the first half. Torres, Robles, Gilmartin, Clippard (likely won’t sign) is an ugly combo.

    It’s incumbent upon them to construct a capable bullpen with at least one more elite arm and a shut-down lefty. They will not compete for a title otherwise.

  4. Juan is hurt. Hoping he will miraculously become better is dumb.

    We saw what he was last year. I can’t believe conditioning is spring training made him suck.

    He should have surgery to get fixed.

    They need hitters. By that I don’t mean guys who Jack it over the wall. They need professional hitters like Murphy who hit level and put the bat on the ball.

    Until the trades we couldn’t hit. There were too many games we get 4 hits and can’t score.

    While I want them to improve defensively they need to get players who can put the bat on the ball. These two new players can do that.

  5. the mets need a big bat…………….in the middle of that lineup…………guess who
    he isnt perfect but……………resign him………………also need a lefty in bullpin
    not sure who……………maybe a starter who can go there……………………

  6. The Mets need to improve the offensive production at first base. Lucas Duda’ is far too inconsistent.