Price Signing Could Forecast Mets’ Handling With Harvey

Not that it would have happened anyway, but Boston’s blockbuster signing of David Price Tuesday means there won’t be a trade of Matt Harvey to the Red Sox for shortstop Xander Bogaerts and outfielder Mookie Betts or Jackie Bradley.

I was onboard for such a deal, and the Price signing only affirmed my reason.

The cost for Price is $217 million over seven years. The key to the deal is Price has an opt-out clause after three years for roughly $90 million. If Price can give the Red Sox a couple of playoff appearances, and perhaps a World Series title, the contract would have been worth it – if they allow him to leave.

The Yankees mistakenly chased after C.C. Sabathia and Alex Rodriguez when they exercised their clauses.

The Price contract makes you wonder what it will cost when Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Zack Wheeler and Steve Matz hit the market. The Mets certainly can’t afford to sign all five to mega deals at once, but they can defray some of the cost if they stagger the signings and they trade one or two of theses guys.

If you think $217 million is steep – and it is 2015 – wait until Scott Boras puts Harvey on the market in three years. Assuming Harvey pitches to expectations, Boras’ numbers for Harvey could approach $300 million.

Figuring the Mets don’t change their financial approach, there’s no way they can afford to keep Harvey and deGrom and Syndergaard.

Their best options are to fill their positional holes by dealing Harvey – who is a goner and we all know it – and offering long-term deals to deGrom and Syndergaard.

Yeah, I love the potential of the Mets’ young pitching and it would be great if they could keep the core together and fill out the rest of their roster with key free-agent signings. But, that’s not the real world. The real world has the very real, and very likely, chance of Harvey asking for a monster contact the Mets can’t afford.

I know you don’t like to hear this, but the Price signing screams trading Harvey is the thing to do.

ON DECK:  Tendering contracts deadline is today.



3 thoughts on “Price Signing Could Forecast Mets’ Handling With Harvey

  1. Definitely agree that an ace costing $30m/yr means you cannot have the same four ace quality guys for many many years. Granted, Price has a track record whereas two of our four have one to two solid years and the other two about half a season’s experience. So it should be a while before these guys can expect $30m a year salaries. Harvey and Boras may try to demand going straight to the $30m/yr range in a year or two and that will be the time to trade him. I think the opt out is a key point in the price contract. If any team gives Zobrist $20m/yr as a super backup i cant imagine the repercussions for the other 7 position player starters. is his versatility really worth $20m? does that mean a star like Trout will command $50m/yr on his next contract??? Does a league average starter then deserve $20m/yr because a super sub got that amount? Crazy

  2. Yep, that Price contract was both NUTS and Harvey’s eventual bye bye.
    However, no need to trade now…Harvey will, with the other young guns, hopefully take the Mets back to the World Series in 2016. This 2016 season may even be better for Harvey than 2015.
    That will be the time to sell high on Harvey. Mets will have Wheeler back and hopefully he comes back strong like Harvey did. So, adios Harvey next offseason. Hopefully by then, the Mets can address their needs in a trade for him and already have both a WS Championship for 2016 and a healthy Wheeler to go with d’Grom, Thor, Matz and maybe even Montero to defend their title. Harvey is still way to good and way to cheap (even for all his drama) to let him get away now.

  3. Better to hold Harvey and get a championship in the next few years. If he walks in 2018 so be it. Zobrist at $20 M is too much. 4 at $15 per is fair even knowing that the last year he may be an albatross the way we now feel about Cuddyer. We know the rest of baseball wants one of our starters. Let’s make them overpay to our advantage. Sobriety at $20M or bring back Cespedes? Rather have Cespedes easing the way for Herrera to move in at 2nd and see how Reynolds does at SS in ST. Last spring I though he had a real chance to make the team.