Not Buying Murphy Return

There were several articles last week claiming the Mets still would attempt to bring back Daniel Murphy, who rejected a $15.8-million qualifying offer. The reports said the Mets would make a sincere run at Murphy, who might bite on an offer that isn’t necessarily the highest.

Nearly everything I’ve read said the Mets might still make an offer because of Murphy’s affection for the team and New York. But, are those really good enough reasons? If that was the case, their decision would be based more on sentimentality than talent.

MURPHY: Still in play for Mets?  (Getty)

MURPHY: Still in play for Mets? (Getty)

The reported market for Murphy is $50 million over four years. The qualifying offer entitles the Mets to a compensatory draft pick plus the right to keep negotiating. It does not signal the Mets’ desire to keep him because they think he’s part of their future.

We don’t know what Murphy is seeking and what the Mets are willing to offer. The only numbers we know of are of the speculative nature.

We also know Murphy is 30 years old, so this will likely be his final shot at the brass ring. I can’t see him leaving money on the table to go back to a team that never had him on the top of their pecking order.

Murphy also hit 14 homers last season and went deep in six consecutive games in the playoffs. What we don’t know, and this includes the Mets, is whether that power surge was a fluke or a sign he’s added that element to his game.

The Mets are also reportedly interested in Kansas City free-agent Ben Zobrist, who is five years older than Murphy, and is a better player who is more versatile. However, the speculated numbers for Zobrist is $60 million over four years.

Zobrist brings more to the table than Murphy, and I think the Mets will shy away because of the price. This might make Murphy more palatable. But, I keep going back to well how Wilmer Flores adjusted to second base and potential of Dilson Herrera.

If those two can adequately fill the void left by Murphy, and I believe Flores can do so, then the Mets should be all right at second base. In that case, the money spent on Murphy or Zobrist, would be better spent adding a center fielder because I’m not sold on Juan Lagares and rebuilding the bullpen.

7 thoughts on “Not Buying Murphy Return

  1. Zobrist is not a marked improvement over Murphy. Slightly better glove. Less capable with the bat. All that is offset by the fact that he is 5 years older. You can’t say this is Murphy’s last shot and then compare him to a guy who is getting another shot that is 5 years older. And I’m not sure where you addressed the issue of shortstop on this team…..

    • Their defensive abilities aren’t marginal. They’re glaring. Murphy is a hideous player in the field, no matter what happened this past October. Zobrist is a massive upgrade, and can capably play many positions.

      However I do agree with you. Zobrist is older, will command more money, and his bat is equal or worse as compared to Murphy. So I can’t say I’d support throwing money at him, or Murphy, for that matter.

  2. Mets need to stop looking at the infield to produce RBI’s and offense.
    Have to pass on both Murphy (awful D) and Zobrist (35 is too old for a hefty 4 yr contract).
    They have solution now in Flores and Herrera , with K. Johnson and possibly Uribe, if not Flores himself, coming from the bench spelling D.Wright when needed. Use the resources for the outfield, either CF or even RF for a bat that rocks. Mets were dead before Cespedes came. (for the right RF bat, Grandy can move to CF occassionally), and the BP, where they lost the WS, not to mention countless games in the regular season. Worst thing that can happen is that Mets go back to circa first half 2015, great pitching and pathetic offense, losing and sometimes winning 2-1 games, 1-0 games. Those are taxing and stressing on the pitching staff and BP to no end, not too mention us fans dropping “Tums” every other pitch !

    • EddieMetz: Agree with you on all counts. If the Mets go in to next thinking that they’ll be all right if they maintain the status quo, that would be a huge mistake. They need upgrades in several areas, but I’m not buying the notion they need to replace Flores. They can’t count on thinking another midseason trade like the one they made for Cespedes will happen again.-JD

  3. I don’t see Sandy paying Dan.

    The team has made it pretty clear they don’t want him.

    That said they will miss his bat.

    Hoping conforto stays the course to help make up for it.

    Luke and David need to show up

  4. Wish it weren’t true but Herrera can’t hit ML pitching because he is greatly over matched with breaking balls. The change-up gives him fits, but that can be expected from rookies. He’s at best a .235 hitter, so all defensive skills in NY can’t replace any .288 Murphy lifetime hitter (.271 vs lefties). Losing Cepesdes and Murphy as #3 and #4 guarantees doom for the ’16 Mets. Personally, Murphy deserves much better than NY after all the unfair abuse he’s taken from fans and press. Wright once very good is finished with now limited defensive range and his strikeout ratio and Duda’s are both horrific. Murphy is a 1B or 3B player who puts the ball in play. He will excel elsewhere that definitely will come home to haunt. All three players made 2 defensive errors each during the WS that cost Mets games. In addition, Wright and Duda made more mental errors than Murphy, yet Daniel unfairly got most of the bad PR. No doubt the Mets have the best starting ML pitching. However, they are groomed as 6 or 7 inning wonders at best. They have been so overly protected from innings pitched the organization did everything except make them wear pantie hose.Good middle relievers are hard to find and therein along with next year anemic team hitting will cause the demise from 1st to last in their division. I wish it weren’t so unless you’re a Yankee success as a team in NY is rare. Best examples are successes for both Dodgers and Giants after they moved to the west coast.

    • OLd 69: So far that has been the case with Herrera, but the sample size is too small to make that judgment now. They need to give him a fulltime shot to see what he can do. That’s what they did with Conforto and Flores and those young pitchers. … The Mets are dreaming if they think Zobrist is the answer. He might replace Murphy’s production, but not Murphy and Cespedes. … You’re right, Murphy has taken a lot of abuse here and deserves better. I hope he goes somewhere that appreciates him.-JD