If They Want Him, Mets Must Act Quickly On Cespedes

Conventional wisdom says Yoenis Cespedes is a two-month rental for the Mets, with hopefully an October extension. Nobody expected GM Sandy Alderson to get him, much less keep him long-term.

However, Cespedes said he’d like to stay. Maybe it is gamesmanship on his part, but assuming he means it and he has the warm-and-fuzzies for the Mets, now is the time for the full-court press.

CESPEDES: It's now or never. (AP)

CESPEDES: It’s now or never. (AP)

If the Mets want him, Alderson must strike hard and fast. Signing Cespedes will give the Mets a jumpstart to their Christmas shopping.

“This is something I can’t control,’’ Cespedes told reporters Tuesday in Miami, conveniently overlooking the fact if he’s set on staying he can if they want him. “I don’t know what the front office is thinking about. But with what I see so far, I would love for everything to work out and stay as a Met for a long, long time, because I like the atmosphere.’’

Cespedes has a contract clause stating the Mets must release him before the free-agency period begins if they don’t want to sign him. This means is if he’s released after Aug. 31, he can’t re-sign with them until May 15, 2015. That means they sign him now or kiss him goodbye.

The Mets could fool around and say they want to re-sign him, but renege. They could do with him what they did with Jose Reyes.

That would tick off a lot of people.

18 thoughts on “If They Want Him, Mets Must Act Quickly On Cespedes

  1. “They could do with him what they did with Jose Reyes.”

    These situations are entirely different. Reyes wasn’t moved at the deadline and played the season out, and the Mets had every chance to lock him up up until the moment he signed with Miami.

    They’re in a much different position here, because there is a small window of exclusivity, and then a complete bar on signing him afterward.

    Letting him walk isn’t going to tick me off. Not sure about everyone else. Everyone knows he’s a rental. Everyone knows he’ll be near-impossible to sign long-term. This was a move designed to compete in 2015. We should be content with that.

    • If he plays well here. I am hoping that we get it done and sign him. I agree it is a rental. I agree the chance is slim. But we need a player who can hit. Who has power. And can field his position. We don’t have many OF coming up. One is already here. The other Nimmo maybe can play at this level. Juan is a question mark because of his injury and inability to hit. We will need to get an OF and the ones we have signed in the past 4 years or so have been terrible.

      I have watched Grandy the past month or so and looked at his numbers. He hits well with RISP and he does walk. I think Long has done his job and improved him at least for this season.

      But OF is a problem for us. SS is a problem. And now third is a problem.

      • I’ll concede that those are all problems, and the outfield will have to be addressed. I’m just not sure where people are suddenly getting the idea that they’ll spend Wright money on Cespedes (it’d likely take more to get it done).

        The additions made to this team weren’t the work of the Wilpons. They were the work of Alderson. There’s talk about them “taking on salary” for the stretch, but they’ve been saving 75% of Wright’s salary while he’s on the DL, Mejia has barely been paid a dime, and there’s significant money coming off the books next season. If anything, the deals made were a payroll wash.

        I would like to see them entrench a player of YC’s ilk in the lineup every day, but he’s not going to be worth the money he gets, honestly. I’ve said before there’s a reason why he’s been on four teams. And there’s a reason why he has a clause that makes it near-impossible to sign him long term. If the Tigers, who spend an immense amount of money, couldn’t foresee an extension? How can we?

        I do hate to be cynical here, but this is a pure rental situation, regardless of how he plays. And as I’ve noted on a previous post, I’ll eat my shoe and let JD post it here if we sign YC long term.

        • You make some good points and yes it is a flag that he can’t stay with a team. I know the owners are a problem. But the owners also don’t want fans embarrassing them by having empty stadiums or fans showing up with bags over their heads. Freddy doesn’t like being embarrassed.

        • Why would the Tigers sign him to an extension when they could get a damn good prospect for him and then have a better chance of signing him because they aren’t the ones who have to release him?

  2. How about an early ThanksMetsGiving present for the fans, Sandy ?

    Cespedes is easily worth at least $100m for 5 yrs, but sadly, doubt the Mets would go there.
    Actually, he could probably get more if he tested the free agent waters.
    Dodgers could pay it (dump Puig or Eithier), Yanks could pay it (bye, bye Beltran), maybe even the Cubs (that would be some lineup). If Cespedes would take $20m- $22m for 5 years,
    Mets could probably swing it, however : Bartolo’s $10m comes off books, trade Cuddyer for anything and offer to eat $5m, saves $5m, trade Niese for pitching prospects to replace those sent for Niese and Clippard, saves $7m, there is the $. New rotation would be the “fab four” to include Matz, plus Wheeler coming back.
    Cespedes could stay in center and Conforto in LF, Grandy in RF.

    Do it Sandy ! Right after Mets win the WS, in late October.

    • Your math needs to be tweaked a bit – because as much money that comes off the books for Colon & Murphy, there’s going to be massive raises due for players increasing their service time. Take that and a Duda extension into account, and things get hairy.

      You answered your own question on Cespedes. “He could probably get more if he tested free agent waters”. That’s precisely why he built a clause into his contract that mandates he get to free agency with no qualifying offer. He can get more than $100 million, and $100 million is more than they’ll ever pay.

  3. you fools. enjoy the fact that we are in first place by two games on august6th. root for your team and stop being a douche.. you wonder why the mets get criticized, cause of certain asshole fans. you wanted cespedes you got him, now enjoy it. dont worry about next year. live in the now assholes..

  4. Gotta resign him. He’s everything that’s been missing. You can’t let this rotation go to waste. Field a contender and make all the money back. It ends now.

  5. Let’s get something straight here. Cespedes playing for 4 teams has nothing to do with his character or performance. I think his contract is one of the main reasons. If you like the guy, he’s easier to sign if you aren’t the one who is left having to release him, as the Mets are now in that position. The A’s are notorious for being a AAAA ball club, trading away young talent before they hit free agency. They also didn’t trade Cespedes away as much as they brought Lester in. They thought he was the guy to put them over the top. The Red Sox got HanRam and had a logjam in the outfield and needed pitching. Detroit made a shrewd business decision adding a prospect and avoiding the timetable the Mets are under to get him signed long term. It’s a weird situation because he has a weird clause in his contract. If he didn’t have to be released and his team’s didn’t have a desire to trade offense away for pitching (definitely not an issue in Flushing), I seriously doubt he would have been passed around like he has.

    • House: The more I’ve researched it, the more I agree with you. I wasn’t thinking that way at first. The Tigers traded him because they saw the downhill slide; Boston needed pitching; and Oakland is Oakland and Beane would have traded Mickey Mantle.-JD

  6. Mets can sign Cespedes up to five days after the World Series. This could literally be into November. Mets acted very quickly when signing Piazza in 1998 — so quickly that he never even became a free agent. The Mets could act quickly again if Cespedes performs very well the rest of the season. It would not suprise me in the least if they offer him a contract he won’t refuse.

    • Dugmat: I don’t see the Mets acting that quickly, but they should know by then what they are willing to pay. We haven’t that they are talking with Cespedes’ agent, but they should be.-JD

  7. Mooney, you mentioned ” regardless of how he plays.” Would you’re opinion change, if by some incredible feat, he were to hit .333 with 50 runs and 50 rbis. I know, that’s impossible.

  8. Cespedes looks to me to be the real deal. He can hit, hit with power, field, throw, run and he appears to hustle. I like him. I don’t know what his downside is that has cause him to move around so much. That could be an important factor. Find out what it is and let me know. Otherwise sign him. With this pitching staff Cespedes in the lineup makes us a true contender.

    Considering all the duds the Mets have had in the OF in past years, don’t let this gem get away.