Want Bruce For Mets

Of all the Mets’ trade rumors, I like the one involving Jay Bruce best. I am not thrilled with the prospects of trading for Yoenis Cespedes or Yasiel Puig, although I doubt the Dodgers will move the latter.

BRUCE: Want him for Mets. (AP)

BRUCE: Want him for Mets. (AP)

Cespedes is a headache waiting to happen, and Puig is already a man-child. Bruce is having somewhat of a bounce back season, but his numbers won’t approach what they were from 2011-2013, when he hit over 30 homers with 97 RBI in each of those seasons.

As for Troy Tulowitzki, why bother getting excited about something that will never happen? It has gotten to the point of being boring. And, Andrelton Simmons? That would be sweet, but that’s another pipe dream.

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if GM Sandy Alderson’s team is leaking thoughts about Tulowitzki and Simmons just to keep the Mets’ over-anxious fan base at bay. It has been known to happen before. Both teams and agents have done it if they want to convey a message through the media.

However, Bruce is 28, which means he has plenty of rebound time. He becomes a free agent in 2017, if the team doesn’t exercise its option.

Bruce is currently in a 6-year, $51-million contract, which means he has the right to demand a trade after this season if he’s traded, which makes him a rental. Not crazy about that trade, especially if it is for Zack Wheeler.

If I could get Bruce for Wheeler straight up, and would be assured of keeping Bruce, then I would do it.


10 thoughts on “Want Bruce For Mets

  1. Bruce is having arguably one of his best seasons (if you follow on the OPS numbers) despite not having the volume in the power numbers he once did. That said, I’m not moving Wheeler for a rental, even if I like Jay Bruce a lot. As you note, I’d obviously consider it if it was a guarantee to hold on to him through the end of the deal, even if that creates an untenable glut of outfielders going in to 2016.

    I’m intrigued about the talk about acquiring Tyler Clippard. That would be a huge move to solidify the bullpen and guarantees we have depth if they somehow make the playoffs (they’ll lose Mejia for the post-season).

  2. Any possibility of using Wheeler / lesser prospect for Carlos Gomez instead?

  3. I agree. Getting a real OF for the team is required. There is no guarantee that Juan will develop into the player we hope, nor that Conforto or Nimmo will develop into good outfielders.

    Keith likes Conforto which is a plus but there are huge questions about our whole outfield and if we can get a good player for the next 5 years I would do it.

    • you have no baseball logic Dave. they just brought the kid up in left field..he may be there the next 10 years…Met fans r suckers

      • So you think we have a good outfield? I like that Conforto has had 2 good games.

        Do you remember Ike? He had about one good year. He played really good defense and he was a solid hitter. Then David stepped on his foot and he was never the same. His defense sucks and he struck out 200 times. Oh yeah he had that half a season where he hit 220 but had 30 hr.

        Conforto had 40 games in AA then he got promoted. I hope he is here for the next 10 years and plays well. I do. But do you think a AA player who has played 2 games at the major league level is going to save your outfield?

        Have you looked at this team? Do you see a bunch of can’t miss outfielders in AAA? AA? A? Anywhere?

        Let us say Conforto comes back to earth and hits say 250 with maybe 5 hr. How would you feel then?

  4. I don’t like Wheeler in a Bruce trade. They were briefly linked to Josh Reddick. Not sure if that could be done. I would put Wheeler in that deal

  5. I agree with Joe Gomes, Carlos Gomez is a better fit for the Mets. Come back home CG.
    He is a righty, (Jay Bruce is lefty, we already have Grandy, Lucas, K.Johnson with power from the left, along with Murphy). CG is speedy, a leadoff guy, and a talented glove in CF, also with pop.

    Probably the Brewers would want Lagares to replace CG in center along with P’s.
    Their staff is poor.
    I would not send Wheeler, however.
    Maybe Montero, Lagares, and another arm, (Ynoa ? Verrett ?) would do it and keep the
    “FAB FIVE” alive for next year > Harvey, d’Grom, Thor, Matz, Wheeler. All Mets fans want to see that for a full year !
    Colon will be gone in the winter, and maybe Niese will be too.
    Keep the “FAB FIVE” and the Mets will stay at the top of the East for years to come like the old Braves did. No one could touch their pitching. Keep these kids together.

  6. Why would Bruce become a free agent after this year if he is dealt? He is not a 5 and 10 and his contract runs through 2017 (team option).