Mets’ Mojo Has Changed

Did the Mets turn around their karma in the last two games of the Dodgers’ series? Considering what was projected from them coming out of the break, it’s entirely possible because their chemistry has been significantly altered with the additions made Friday night after they were stuffed by Clayton Kershaw.

Rookie Michael Conforto and trade acquisitions Kelly Johnson and Juan Uribe have already made an impact. Johnson and Conforto jumpstarted an offensive explosion, and Conforto and Uribe drove in runs in today’s 10-inning, 3-2 victory over the Dodgers.

DE GROM: Would have left him in. (AP)

DE GROM: Would have left him in. (AP)

Uribe not only drove in the game winner, but for the second straight game made an outstanding defensive play at third.

The Mets scored 15 runs Saturday, but that was an aberration. It was going to be different today against Zack Greinke, we all knew that to be the case. The Mets grabbed a 2-0 lead against Greinke, and Jacob deGrom was coasting.

Personally, I would have liked to see deGrom try to win it himself, but I can’t really argue with Jeurys Familia because of his success.

However, after Familia coughed up the lead, it wouldn’t have been surprising to see the game get totally away from the Mets. But, it didn’t happen that way.

Curtis Granderson lead off the tenth with a double and scored on Uribe’s drive off the center field wall. With the win, the Mets are two games behind Washington with the call-it-a-season San Diego Padres coming to town Tuesday.

There’s still a lot of the season to go, but for the first time in several weeks there’s not a feeling of despair around the Mets. There’s a sense they can still make something of this season.

And, that’s what I wanted all along.

7 thoughts on “Mets’ Mojo Has Changed

  1. Can’t argue with a thing John is saying. Conforto, Johnson and Uribe appear to be very astute additions to the roster. Johnson is the quintessential utility guy with a very capable bat. Uribe certainly enhances the corner infield slots with a solid glove and bat, as well as a right-handed option to Murphy and Duda. The bench is now far more formidable than it was just a few days ago. Conforto also appears to be a better defender and has more speed than was anticipated. No doubt, he is a top-half-of-the-ball hitter and will likely to be a late bloomer to real power. But if he’s there, he has to play at least against all right-handed hurlers. When Cuddyer comes off the DL, most certainly Campbell will return to Las Vegas. The interesting test is what will happen if and when Wright returns. By that point, it may well be September 1 and the roster expands anyway.

    So, for the next five weeks, it should be Campbell or Cuddyer playing LF or RF and Uribe standing in for Murphy or Duda against southpaws, with real platoons in CF (Niewenhuis/Lagares) and 2B (Johnson/Flores). Gil Hodges would love it.

    Lets NOT make a play for Jay Bruce or Justin Upton and give away anyone. The Mets will have d’Arnaud back in a week or so and should have Goeddel, Blevins and Montero back at various times during the next five weeks. And who knows, perhaps the Captain will return for the final month, along with other reinforcements from Las Vegas.

    • Platoons? Hodges has probably been spinning in his grave since 72. why mess with the center fielder leave them alone? Put out the same lineup until they go bad. their defense is still questionable and they have absolutely no speed

      • Considering Lagares has an OPS that is not even major-league-bench-worthy and has diminished effect in center field due to injury, it’s probably going to be time to platoon with him out in center field. Doesn’t mean he’s a failure. Just means that this is what’s needed to win now.

  2. I’m not going to get too excited over this, but I’ll acknowledge that this is a nice development. And while I’d like to see Alderson acquire another bat, getting two accomplished veterans with versatility was a huge get, and they did so without sacrificing much and taking on some salary. Kudos on that move.

    I’ll be cautiously optimistic that they can use this as a catapult for the rest of the year, but being a Met fan, I know that’s a dangerous game to play.

  3. It’s amazing what happens when you add some competent bats to the lineup. I am surprised at the change and shocked at the early results of the rookie.

    But I am happy.

  4. I have to say I am spruced that the Mets added 3 seemingly professional bats ( before the deadline too!) AND are apparently looking to add a late inning arm AND another bat. If Sandy does all that I will be shocked and feel way less lied to then I have for the last few years. If some of the injured players come back and contribute this should be a playoff team. And all Mets players and the coaching staff will know they have a front office actually supporting them. If they get on a run the fans will show up which means more $$$ to spend on free agents. Maybe someone finally got that across to ownership.

    • While I am “spruced ” as well, that was an auto correct from suprised haha. These moves have spruced me up though!!!!