Did Mets Save Their Season Sunday?

Let’s assume the Mets find their way into October. If so, they might look at Sunday as a watershed moment to their season.

The Mets outlasted St. Louis 3-1 in 18 innings, but played poorly enough offensively to lose three games. Their hitters struck out 15 times, went 1-for-26 with runners in scoring position and stranded 25 runners.

iThere was a time this afternoon when I thought Cardinals manager Mike Matheny would better off just intentionally walking the first two hitters of the inning and going from there.

If nothing else it might have cut the time of the game to a brisk four hours.

But, how the Mets responded after losing the first two games of the series – including being pasted Saturday night – to avoid totally limping into Washington tomorrow was essential to their season.

And, it all began with the pitcher the Mets were almost desperate to unload, Jon Niese, who has given up nine runs over his last six starts. He’s also gone at least six innings in each of his last eight starts.

Part of the reason why the Mets toyed with a six-man rotation was to showcase Niese, and he’s pitched like a beast the past two months. He’s as much a reason as anyone as to why the Mets are just two games behind the Nationals.

Sometimes when a team makes a run at a season they need to steal a game like today and have an all-but-dismissed player like a Niese provide a lift.

The Mets seem to have more issues than a dozen years of Sports Illustrated, but they’ll wake up Monday morning in Washington exhausted – but in a pennant race.

And, isn’t that what we all want? And, if it stays that way, today could be the reason.


14 thoughts on “Did Mets Save Their Season Sunday?

  1. John it’s been a good summer so far, but I have a feeling that it’s only going to get better.

  2. 18 innings of torture…..Aside from Niese’s great effort, this wasn’t a signature game other than reaffirming their 1-8 may be the most lackluster order in Flushing history….. I see nothing to get excited about except for the young arms..they’re a team that doesn’t win, their opponents lose.. 7 years of mediocrity and high prices at shitty field..

  3. Mets may be the only team in history to pitch their only allstar last in the rotation, when returning from the break. With Cuddyer possibly out , it’s ceciliani time again.

    • He’s pitching ‘last’ in order to face the team we began the second half two games behind for the division.

      It’s never going to be “Ceciliani time”, because the kid isn’t an OF prospect.

  4. Two games out, only 2, in late July no less.
    I am not a T.Collins fan, but he deserves much credit for pasting this awful lineup together with duct tape every day, not one hitter besides Murph over .270. All pitching, little “D”, definitely no “O”. Sandy still cannot make a trade. He deserves credit for building the farm back from nada.

    However, when it is all said and done, it is the big league team that matters. The one that makes all the $, the one that is the “brand” behind it all. This is where Sandy has failed and is failing. It was so clear at the end of last year that this Offense was ‘offensive’….what does he do?
    In comes Cuddy and Mayberry, that is all, no mas. Here we are, middle of pennant race, through a myriad of injuries, worst offense in the NL, what has he done ? Nothing.
    He goes back and forth to the minors for the likes of Monell, Muno, Ceciliani, Herrera, and so on. All these great pitching performances for nothing. If Sandy fails to make a splash and improve the team’s offense in the next 10 days or so, he would have single handedly waived the white flag on a year the Mets may have snuck in the playoffs. Getting to this point is never an easy feat. You just never know what is going to happen next year, or whatever.
    Remember when the Phillies had that dream Pitching Rotation of -Halladay, Hamels, et,al,where did it lead them just when it looked like they would dominate for years ?
    Injuries, (pitchers always most prone) free agency, etc, wiped out that theory.
    You just never know. So, here we are. Sandy, send us a sign !
    Met fans will never forgive him for this “mlb roster” incompetence.

    • Certainly if we tried we could have improved the team in the offseason. We acquired relief help to bolster the pen.

      We got nothing for the lineup because Flores was going to be a beast at the plate to overcome the horrendous fielding. Murphy was to hold the fort until a player can be brought up to replace him next year. Duda was supposed to mash his way to success. Juan was to steadily improve at the plate and Mike was to add a professional bat to the lineup. Capt America was to be well himself and Travis was going to be a good hitting catcher.

      As we know none of this happened because the law of averages took hold. Players who are injury prone got hurt, Duda could not build on last year and all the other players hit the way they did last year.

      So here we are wondering why we can’t hit.

    • EddieMetz: I agree with you, Collins deserves a lot of credit for making something of the scraps Sandy Alderson has given him.-JD

    • HIt the nail on the head eddy especially with the Phillies analogy with respect to pitching but you didn’t go as far as to say that the mets shoulds consider unloading one of the strutters. If any one of them is untouchable it should be Degrom but he would bring the greatest value. I would hate to do such a things but you cant live expecting a rotation to pitch all shutouts or one run games. Everthhing on this team is up for sale with respect to pitching or young talent. Package one of the starters with a Meija (Familia has assumed the role and Robles will get better as a set up man) or throw in a Wheeler or Montero and go after something big, like a Todd Frazier and a Jay Bruce deal.