Mets Aim To Continue Streak Behind DeGrom

It is no secret I am not a fan of the New York Mets’ batting order, but as a baseball traditionalist I know this much, you don’t screw around with a hot streak and the Mets are going after their seventh straight win tonight against Miami.

That means Curtis Granderson leading off, Travis d’Arnaud batting second and Juan Lagares seventh.

The Mets have to feel good about number seven because they’ll be giving the ball to Jacob deGrom, who is a lifetime 2-0 with a 1.67 ERA in four starts against Miami. He’s struck out 34 in 27 innings in those four games.

In his last start, deGrom threw 6.1 scoreless innings in a 2-0 victory over Philadelphia on Opening Day.

Said d’Arnaud: “He’s a special, special pitcher. He’s got great stuff, and most of all he’s got heart. He showed it (Monday), when he went out there and battled.’’

Here’s tonight’s batting order:

Curtis Granderson, RF

Travis d’Arnaud

Lucas Duda, 1B

Michael Cuddyer, LF

Daniel Murphy, 2B

Eric Campbell, 3B

Juan Lagares, CF

Wilmer Flores, SS

Jacob deGrom, RHP

7 thoughts on “Mets Aim To Continue Streak Behind DeGrom

  1. At the game today. Good weather, fireworks tonight, good pitcher
    Things look good:)

  2. Here is my first TC’s an idiot comment of the season: When TC had Familia warming up
    to come in last night with the mets up 4-1 I said to myself why waste him and bring him in with a three run lead? Bring in Buddy Carlyle and save Familia for sat and or sunday! He had
    just used Familia several days in a row and if Carlyle ran into problems you could have
    bought in Familia then if you had too!

  3. Nice game, but my question is why have umps
    The game is suspended so they can review every play
    If they can’t make a call get rid of them

  4. Good Game. i wish they hadnt take degrom out so early. almost cost us the game. watching a shutout evaporate , yet again. Then almost lose was very nerve racking..

    Steve C.